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I had a blast on Saturday night! I only finished 3 pages, but like I said there was a lot of chit chatting going on. Of course, I am totally fine with that. It was so nice to talk to someone who is over 3 feet tall:) I'll post my pages over at Flickr as soon as I take photos of them.

Wesley starts 3rd grade in eight days!! I truly can't believe that school is here already. Where did this Summer go? He seems really excited to go back, but last night he had an impossible time falling asleep. We are trying to get him back on his school sleeping schedule and his body clock is having a hard time adjusting to it. We put him in bed around 9:30 and he ended up camping on our floor around 11pm. He was crying, hot, itchy, etc! He did wake up around 7 this morning which is suuuper early for him. Now going to bed early will be easier and hopefully we can get his schedule all straightened out.

We have all his school shopping finished also. He picked out these shoes from Old Navy along with jeans and a few shirts. I took him back pack shopping and headed right to the "character" ones. He steered me right to the plain "big kid" bags. Yep, no more Spiderman for my big third grader:) He chose a nice plain black one along with a plain black lunch bag. Such a big kid now!!

We went up north to my brothers house yesterday to visit and see Aubrey. She wasn't feeling to well so we didn't stay long. I also think that Jillian (my SIL) was getting a little overwhelmed by Lani's busyness. (Is that even a word, lol!) Aubrey, who is normally a very easy baby, was up a lot and very fussy so Jill was a little extra sleepy herself; we cut the visit short. Don't want to overwhelm a new Mommy dealing with a sick baby for the first time. I will call later tonight to check on them since Aubrey has a check up today. I will say that being a "long distance Auntie" is really hard on me. I am used to knowing everything that's going on with Michael's side of the family since they are so close. It makes me a little sad now knowing all the little things that Aubrey is doing, feeling, etc! I am thankful that we are at least in driving distance though. It really IRKS me that my Mom lives like 15 min from them and hasn't seen Aubrey since she was born. She didn't even go when they were back the second time for her jaundice. GRRR!!! She is such a fool:(

On a much happier and festive note we are planning a last minute camp out here at our house on Saturday night. We can't afford to feed everyone so we will supply the showers, bathrooms, fire, grill, s'more, etc:) I kind of planned it last minute because I wanted to make sure the weather was going to hold up. I hope that atleast one person comes, LOL!!

On last thing! Remember how I put this photo into a contest over at expsaroonie? Well, there have been no updates so I have no idea what's going on over there:( I hope that everything is okay and they update soon. I will be sure to let you know!!

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~Mama Skates~ August 19, 2008 9:34 AM  

ok, so u know jaden would LOVE those shoes - too cool wesley! :0)

i can't believe summer is over already! we're so not ready yet - getting 3 lists is a LOT! but we're all so excited :0)

Lisanne August 19, 2008 3:07 PM  

I'm SO envious that you got to do some scrapping!!! Your pages turned out GREAT ~ I saw them on Flickr. Glad you had fun! It has to be hard being a long-distance aunt. We are, too. And it's SO hard being so far away from the kids' grandparents. Ugh. :( But we'll see them in October, which isn't too far away!

Jesser August 20, 2008 2:28 AM  

Sounds like a very nice weekend! It would be so hard to be a LD auntie! I can't imagine. :( I feel bad for my hubby's sister, 3000+ miles away.

Sugar and Ice August 20, 2008 9:59 AM  

I remember when I started thinking character backpacks/lunch boxes were nerdy. I never had a character backpack actually, but I remember in sixth grade (it was still in elementary school here then) I got a New Kids on the Block lunch box, and just a few months into the year I decided it was to young for me, so I ripped the picture sticker off the front. After that it had to be L.L. Bean all the way, lol.

SJ August 21, 2008 11:41 AM  

I love the shoes that Wesley picked out - they are so totally rockstar-ish! I hope he enjoys school!

Scrapbooking still sounds like tons of fun to me but I've never tried it. Can't wait to see your layouts.

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