Just the other day I wrote about wanting to blog every day. Well, that's kind of hard when my internet FAILS:( 

Oh well....nothing I can do about that I suppose! Friday was kind of a bummer day. Wesley worked his butt off for 3 nights trying out for the 5th/6th grade basketball team. It was his first time ever being able to try out for a school team. There were 34 boys and only 12 picked. Unfortunately Wesley wasn't one of them. Only two of the boys chosen were 5th graders. Wesley was pretty disappointed, but is just happy that he can still play for our towns park and recreation team. I'll sign him up for that on Monday! Today he is hanging out with a few friends so I'm sure they will keep his mind off of basketball. 

Today is my BIRTHDAY!! I am the 33 and of course it doesn't feel any different than 32. Michael and I had a dinner date on Wednesday, but tonight I am going out with my best girlfriends {Wesley hates when I call them that, lol}. I have NO idea where we are going so this should be interesting. I'm just excited to get dressed up and show off my new present I bought myself with my birthday $$$!! I actually walked into a COACH outlet store and bought one. I've alway said I hated their purses, but I soon realized that not all their purses are covered in the bug gaudy C's. I have a plain black one and only paid $111 for it after a 20% discount. Original cost was $348....WHO IN THE HELL CAN PAY THAT MUCH FOR A PURSE?!? I felt bad enough paying what I did, but not too bad since it was all birthday money. Good thing it has a lifetime guarantee because it will probably be my only one. 

Must get off and get ready for my night out on the town! 

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Mrs. Stam November 20, 2010 4:33 PM  

HAPPY Birthday!!!!

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