Baseball is here

Baseball season has officially started which means our weekends will be consumed with games and practices. Wesley had a 2 hour practice in the school gym on Saturday. The fields are not dry enough and with all this rain we are getting who knows when that will happen. He did well and I was so impressed by his growth from last year. Not only in his baseball skills, but also in his behavior. Last year he couldn't even make it through an hour practice without fooling around and not listening to the coach.

After practice the coaches son invited him over to play. He was thrilled to get out of our weekend errand run to the big city:) We just picked him up on our way back home. They had a blast and I have a feeling that Wesley will be heading over there frequently!

We spent some of Michael's bonus this weekend on a new grill and lawnmower. They were both over 8 years old and needed to be replaced. The grill still works so I have someone from freecycle picking it up today (hopefully). The lawnmower is dead and Michael left it out all winter. I might try freecycle for that in case someone wants it for parts or would know how to fix it themselves. It was so old and Michael didn't want to bother putting anymore money into it. We found a new grill at Lowes and a new lawnmower at Sears. I can't wait to use the grill, but things have been so crazy! We haven't had one second to cook a real dinner:(

This week is crazy busy as well! The boys had karate Monday. Tuesday we have fingerprinting at the school in case we want to volunteer and my nieces 13th birthday. Wednesday is early release day at Wesley's school. Thursday we are going to see Thomas the Tank Engine LIVE at UNH and the weekend is just insane.

I am loving every second of it though!!!

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