Pretending it's warm

Last Saturday my friend Melissa and her daughter invited us to go swimming. We pretended it was Summer:)

I wasn't sure how Lani would do so I brought her suit just in case. There was no pressure for her to go in, but eventually she asked if I could put her suit on. She saw the other kids having so much fun and wanted to join in. Her safe place was the stairs! I didn't even think she would make it that far. She still refuses to sit in the bathtub and screams bloody murder the whole time.

always the scrunched up nosesplash splash

Not quite ready to go in

Almost there

The girls getting the boys

Then there was Wesley! He was a fish and didn't leave the water the whole time. He was even doing FLIPS into the water. I tried to get some photos, but my camera was fogged up:( By the time it was better he refused to let me take his photo. What a booger!! The ones I did get were sneak attacks.

my fish

Sarah is just so beautiful and has NO fear of the water. Melissa had to constantly watch her because Sarah would just dive right in. I think I like my timid Lani better, lol!

so beautiful! sweetest!


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At My Own Pace March 06, 2009 9:29 PM  

Looks like a lot of fun!!! :)

Flo March 07, 2009 9:41 AM  

Such beautiful babies! :)

Anonymous March 07, 2009 2:49 PM  

Your pictures are so fabulous that I feel like I'm right there! Everyone's so cute!!!

Nick | Mom Most Traveled March 07, 2009 8:09 PM  

Those are some great pictures. i think my favorite one is the one where Lani is kicking the water up.

FlipFlop Mom March 08, 2009 9:48 AM  

Super cute!!! I have had no desire to pick up my camera.. bad huh???
Your pictures look GREAT!!!

Amy March 08, 2009 10:17 AM  

Great Photos! Looks like a lot of fun. Btw.. it was 80 degrees here yesterday. EVERYONE was at the zoo, it was a madhouse.

Amy ~ The SaltyMomma

connie March 09, 2009 7:55 AM  

Such cute pics! Is that an indoor pool? Looks like everyone had a blast :)

Sara March 10, 2009 5:57 PM  

What a great idea! Looks like everyone had a good time. :)

SJ March 12, 2009 1:04 PM  

Oh my goodness! I could just goggle Lani up, she's precious!

Looks like you had a good time...I'm so wishing for warmer weather sooner than later.

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