I wanted to say thanks for all your help with the Alex situation. Things have been better this week since implementing the "prize pumpkin". It's just a Halloween bucket full of goodies. He gets to choose one when he has a puke free lunch. Right now we are treating it simply as a behavior since he NEVER does this at home. He has been tested and is not allergic to milk. Hoping that we continue on with this and we can slowly stop the prize pumpkin as well.

Next I would like to say thanks for all your Thanksgiving dinner ideas. I am excited about using your ideas and recipes. Michael is extremely excited about using Donna's cranberry sauce alternative that she mentioned. So, definitely pass that recipe along:)

I am heading out for another night of scrapbooking again tonight. The store my BFF Michelle and I go to a lot lets you crop for free on your birthday! I made sure I went to bed early so I wont be sleepy tonight. Will have to catch up on Grey's, CSI, and ER while the kiddos are napping.

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Melissa November 21, 2008 3:41 PM  

I'm going scrapbooking tonight too! Have a good time.

connie November 22, 2008 1:53 AM  

Glad the Alex situation has calmed & hope it continues to improve.

Have fun w/your "Girls Scrapbooking nite out" :) Sounds like fun & hope you have a blast.

Speaking of scrapbooking, Mommies United (www.themommiesunited.com) is having a cool scrapbooking event going on & I immediately thought of you when I saw it. Here's the link if you're interested:


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