Lani Update

Each night with Lani is different. There are some nights when she goes to bed with no problem and wakes up often at night. Then other nights when she screams when we put her down and sleeps all night. Atleast it's one or the other. She is doing great in her big girl bed and only fell out once. I went into check on her and she was sound asleep on the blanket I laid next to her bed just incase. We also replaced her thermostat that controls her heat. The temperature has stayed consistent. Not too cold or too hot like it was before. Thankful for the cheap fix!

Naps have been awesome though. She now sleeps downstairs on a nap time mat with the other child care kiddos. Not sure how that happened, but I don't mind as long as she sleeps. Still taking two hour naps or longer on some days.

In other news Michael starts working Saturdays tomorrow since the cold weather has set in. He will have Monday's and most Tuesdays off so we will still see plenty of each other. I am excited to start bringing Lani and Alex back to Flipz gym in Concord for their open gym. We haven't been back there since the Spring. She's going to have a blast!! Wesley is just excited because that's two days he wont have to take the bus...LOL!

Donna just sent me a fun little link that I may post tonight if I have time after the gym. I haven't posted about that over here much, but I have been posting about it over at my weightloss blog if you are interested.

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Stam House November 07, 2008 1:49 PM  

Wow Lani has great naps!!! That is so nice for you I'm sure!!!

BundlebooMaMa November 07, 2008 11:43 PM  

I dred the day my kids no longer nap...naps are the best invention ever! I hope you don't mind that Im dropping in...we have some blogging friends in common :)

Melissa November 08, 2008 12:55 AM  

Glad she is doing so well in her big girl bed! Good for you guys! I am not looking forward to katelyn out of the crib! I've been blessed with great naps too- usually about 2 hours a day!

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