Dreaming of her hero

Lani has started waking up from her dreams over the past few weeks. Tuesday night she was only asleep for about 30 minutes when I heard her screaming over the monitor. I ran upstairs to find her flailing and kicking her feet. She jumped into my arms, shaking and crying. I asked what was wrong and she said "spiders are eating my toe toes". AWWW!! I felt so bad. I used to have frequent spider nightmares as a child so I know how scary they can be. I attempted to put her back to bed but she insisted that she go into our room. Of course I let her and she instantly fell back to sleep.

"I taking a bweak"

Last night I went in to check on her before going to bed. It was around 11pm and she was wide awake in her bed. I tried to sneak back out and she started crying. I attempted to lay with her, but there was no use. She was freaked out about something so into our bed she went. In the morning I asked what she was dreaming about and this was her story...

"Dere (there) were camels and ephelants and and and and the camels scare me so I say go away. Dey (they) go see dere mama but dey come back and scare me. Den Uncle Jon come in his firetruck it says wooo woooo and scare dem away."

Oh how I wish I had gotten that on camera. Her voice was so precious and the facial expressions were priceless. Her Uncle Jon is a hero in her sweet little eyes!

We talked a lot about it being pretend and not real, but I don't know if she's buying it. At nap she wanted to sleep in my bed again because of "da bad dweams"!! I convinced her to sleep in her room and now she is snoozing away. Maybe a night light?

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Stam House October 23, 2008 2:19 PM  

This is so cute!!!! Love this post!!!

Erin October 23, 2008 3:00 PM  

SO STINKING ADORABLE!! I feel bad for her that she's having bad dreams, but she is just too cute for words.

We had this problem with Hailey a while back. I kept explaining over and over that they weren't real, just "pretend" and naming off all the stuff in her room that she loves--to make her feel secure. I also made up a story about her smoke detector in her room that she likes...it's got a little green light on it and I tell her it's her very own star watching over her and keeping her safe at night. Maybe something like that would work for Lani too?

Jesser October 24, 2008 9:49 AM  

Can't help but love the amazing things that come out of their mouths! Great photo to go along with it. I think Tabby has that shirt in green (with little umbrellas on it).

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