Vacation....Peoria Zoo edition (plus a few other blabberings)

I can't believe that today is the last day of July! The Summer is coming closer and closer to it's chilly end very soon for us here in NH. I still have so many "to-do" activities on my wish list and so many other things to do for the next 4 weekends that do not include anything on that said list.

We are going up to my brothers this weekend. Aubrey made an early arrival and will be the special guest at her Mommies shower. I went out and bought some PINK items since most of my other gifts were plain and for either sex. Hopefully we will be able to see Lisa, but she may be heading out of town. I'm not sure what we are doing on Sunday, but I am hoping to see some friends that I haven't seen since we left for vacation. I also would like to do some scrapbooking, but I doubt that will happen. Although I will have no kids on Monday or Tuesday so maybe Michael will let me take over the kitchen?!? I don't really have my own area so when I want to scrapbook I have to drag it all out. This fact definitely deters me from creating any pages.

Enough with the "other blabberings" for now. I will now tell you all about another zoo we went to while in Illinois at my grandparents. It's a zoo about 30 minutes away from them. The Peoria Zoo is very SMALL. We walked through the whole thing in about 40 minutes which was fine with me because it was HOT!! Did I mention how dang hot it is in the mid west?

camel ride

Wesley and Michael really enjoyed the reptile exhibit while Lani loved the meerkats. She sat and watched them through their large window for most of the visit. I was loving all the silly monkey like animals. There also was an attack peacock who kept trying to take Lani's snacks out of the stroller. You can definitely tell that some morons have been feeding him.

attack peacock

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Donna July 31, 2008 2:45 PM  

We LOVED the meerkats at the Indianapolis zoo, they were so fun to watch.

Glad it was enjoyable, even though small.

I REALLY wish I could come scrap with you=(

Sugar and Ice July 31, 2008 4:36 PM  

Wow, two zoos in one trip!

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