Snowed In

Today we had a Nor'easter blow through New Hampshire. I am very happy to know that we did not get as much that was forcasted earlier in the week. I think we got about 10 inches of the white, fluffy stuff:) Michael and I had big plans to get things done around the house, but he has been fighting off the sickies on the couch all day. Thank goodness that our neighbor came over with his snowblower because I DID NOT want to shovel all that snow. I will get some photos tomorrow for those of you who like to see our winter wonderland. It's looking like we are definitely having a white Christmas.

On Saturday, Michael had to work so I ventured out with the kid's to a holiday make n' take at Wesley's school. He made several art projects for Christmas. Lani was even able to make a few goodies for our tree. She loved the donut holes from Dun.kin Donu.ts, but was not thrilled with Santa!

Later, our friends Melissa and Joel came over with their daughter Sarah. We ate dinner, dessert, and hung out. I even made some vegan chocolate chip cookies and they came out sooooo good:) As you can see that the girls enjoyed them! It was nice to relax today because the next week is going to be full of Christmas fun!! I love the business of the holidays and can't wait until Christmas:)

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Magnolia Sun December 17, 2007 9:46 AM  

My brother's name is Joel and his wife is Melissa - how funny. We ended up getting 9 inches of snow.

Devoted Mama December 17, 2007 10:29 AM  

You KNOW I'd like to see pics of your Winter Wonderland since we don't see snow often enough here in Georgia ;) Glad you had a good time w/your friends & hope Michael's feeling better! It's no fun being sick during holidays~~especially CHRISTmas :)

Erin December 17, 2007 5:28 PM  

Looks like the cookies were yummy!

laura December 17, 2007 9:34 PM  

sounds like you survived the snow just fine. I'm thinking of when it starts melting and falling from the roofs--that'll be dangerous...there's like a foot of snow up there! Eek.

Andrea December 17, 2007 9:45 PM  

we just got a DUMP of snow too!! But we weren't really snowed in - however Tate and I did stay in anyways! You should post that cookie recipe! They sound great! :)

♥PugPosse♥ December 17, 2007 10:22 PM  

Enough Snow already! UGH! fun huh?
Those cookies sound YUMMY! I hope Michael fights off the sickies! no fun being sick during the Holidays!

I just oicked up some Hot Cider mix for you! I will send it out ASAP!

Donna December 18, 2007 4:14 PM  

Relaxing and cookies sound good to me!

SJ December 21, 2007 11:27 PM  

Mmmmm cookies! The photos are great! And yep, I think you are going to have a white Christmas!

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