Not a title that you want to see this close to Christmas but Lani is sooooo sick. She has a fever, cough, chest congestion, "owies" in her girly parts (she cries, grabs her diaper and says "oooowwwwiiiieeee" every time she pees), and a runny nose.

She was doing okay this morning so we drugged her up and headed to my brothers house. He lives almost 2 hours away and Lani fell asleep pretty fast. About 20 minutes in she started gagging on phlegm and threw up all over herself. GAH!! We cleaned her up and since it was just from the coughing we continued on our journey. She fell back to sleep for the rest of the trip, but was not in the best mood at Jon and Jillian's. Just clingy and a little whiny, but she loved there very HUGE and very HYPER Chocolate lab, Reese! He is one and MONSTROUS!! Lani just wants to play, kiss and cuddle him, but Reese just wants to lick and jump on her. Not a good combination. I tried to get photos, but Lani was on my hip the whole time. We did have a yummy ham dinner and received some fabulous gifts. They gave Michael and I a gift certificate to The Com.mon M.an. It's a yummy restaurant that we rarely go to because it's too expensive. Yay for a night out for us!! Lani was given a doll and some clothes and Wesley got a star wars toy and a gift card for Target. (I also received a certificate to Olive Garden from Alex's family. It was for a very generous amount. Michael and I look forward to all these kid free nights)

On Saturday night I went to my friend Michelle's for a Ladies night Christmas party. I had a lot to drink and was feeling all warm and fuzzy. We had a yankee swap and I ended up with a mug full of Lin.dor balls (milk chocolate with a white chocolate center!! YUMMY!!) and a cinnamon candle.

On Monday Justin and Liz ( my other brother and his girlfriend) are coming over with my Aunt Carol. We are going all out and getting pizza! LOL!! I made my Gramma's famous sugar cookies for a special treat. They are something that my brothers and I looked forward to every year. She doesn't make them anymore because my Grampa had diabetes and it's just too tempting:P I have taken over the tradition now. Christmas Day will be spent here in the morning with just us and then we will head over to Michael's parents house for dinner and presents with them and Lisa's family. It's going to be busy, but I love every minute of it. I can't wait to hear about everone's Christmas' and see LOTS of photos! Oh, Lani is going to be 18 months tomorrow! GAH! I can't believe my BABY is that old.

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Donna December 24, 2007 9:44 AM  

Awe. I feel for Lani, I am sick too=(
Yesterday I had a horrible sore throat and today the sinus problems and the whole head yucky feeling.

Lots of laying on the couch today, good thing I don;t have much to do for our family thing tonight.

Merry Christmas!!!

SJ December 24, 2007 10:43 AM  

So sorry that Lani is sick! Hopefully she'll get better and perk up for Christmas day. :)

Have a Merry Christmas!

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