Another Michael video

Ain't So Bad By The Knucklecocks from Wendy on Vimeo.

Once again it is hard to hear the vocals, but the music sounds awesome!! Enjoy and be sure to let Michael know what you think. Are you on Mys.pace? You can be his friend.

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Devoted Mama December 04, 2007 8:02 AM  

Great video & music!! I'm not on the my.sp.ace bandwagon but Justin is! My baby's growing up~he has his own my.sp.ace & is GLUED to the computer once he finishes homework~in between playing w/his friend from next door!

FlipFlop Mom December 04, 2007 11:47 AM  

I love the pictures!! LOVE THEM!! Your kids are so stinking adorable!! wasn't yesteday NICE!!! I can't get Michaels video to work.. so I'm gonna ask him to be my friend on myspace.. same name!! as my blog...

OH What tree farm are you going to go to?? Are you going to go where Lisa and I got our trees... or somewhere closer?? I don't think it's strange at all.. when we went Sunday there was a couple trucks there tailgating from MA!! They brought their grills and everything...!!!

I'm glad that Michael is happy with the recipes.. LOL LOL.. hubby is too!! Whoopie pies are his ABSOULTE FAV!! along with peanut butter cookies!!

Lisa mentioned that you were coming and that I could come and meet you.. but I'm not sure what Sunday is bringing right now.. I WANT to.. but I'm also "shy" in a sense too.. and would NEVER dream of interupting your visit.. I know.. I know.. I'm strange like that!! LOL LOL LOL..

I love the story about how you and Micheal met too.. how CUTE!!!!!!

SJ December 05, 2007 1:15 AM  

I have MySpace, I'll add him.....

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