Happy Birthday to Josh!!

Josh (my brother in law) had a semi surprise birthday party last night! He turned 31 on Tuesday, but was at school for the week so Lisa decided to celebrate last night. The Knuckl.ecocks played for everyone in their living room! It was a lot of fun:) I took a few photos but no video...the lighting was too dark for my digital camera recorder.

Ray and Michael

Leah, my niece, took this from the loft!

Josh, the birthday boy!

Michael told me that he learned how to play the harmonica for their song "Truckin' in Texas", but I had no idea he was THAT GOOD!! I wish I had video for it!!

Ray...I just liked his face on this one:)

Lastly, my beautiful Lani playing some electric guitar with the band! I did not see Wesley all night. He made a new friend with the daughter of Josh's cousin. They are both 7 and played so well. It was nice to not have to deal with any breakdowns from him! Not until we had to leave anyway!

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Chas November 03, 2007 4:41 PM  

I wish you'd gotten a video of the harmonica solo too. There's something about the harmonica and the fiddle that love.

Me November 03, 2007 11:45 PM  

Looks like a great night! :)

SJ November 04, 2007 11:12 AM  

WOW! Look like you all had such a great time! I love listening to bands live, and in a living room!? Way cool.

Say.....would you be willing to send me a copy of their music (if they have any?). I'd love to check it out!

***Willow, Belle & Old Man Turbo's Mom*** November 04, 2007 9:56 PM  

What Fun!
Lani is fallowing her Daddy's footsteps!

Jessica November 05, 2007 7:33 AM  

Cool pictures! I love men who are musicians. :)

And, that last picture of Lani is adorable. It looks like she has really soft wispy hair! I love that on babies! (I know she's not a baby anymore but you know what I mean)

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