…I have no one who wants to be a “guest blogger”? Darn!! I thought you all would be lining up:) LOL!!

Michael is on the way to Boston. Ashleigh’s plane is getting in LATE tonight! He took a long nap this afternoon and I even bought him a hot fudge sundae:) Well, I guess he technically bought it for himself!!

Here is our itinerary for the weekend if anyone cares….

ThUrSdAy: I am still have Alex and my other child care kids so we will just chill out around here. I am sure that Ashleigh is going to be tired and will sleep in! Ahh, the days of sleeping in:) Wesley also has open house and then we are meeting my brothers and their significant others in Concord for dinner. I hope we can fit a tattoo (scroll down) touch up in here some where also.

FrIdAy: Michael has to work on the morning and we are getting Wesley out of school early. Head to Concord to pick up his tuxedo, holy crap, he is going to be sooo cute! (yes, I will have LOTS of pictures) Then head up north. The rehearsal is at 6pm with dinner to follow. We are staying at Jon (my brother) and Jillian’s house.

SaTuRdAy: The BIG day! Wedding is at 2pm and I am not totally sure what the plan is. I so know that Lisa is doing my hair and hopefully, if time allows, we will be having lunch. I am super excited to see her again!! (On a side note: It is going to be 90 degrees here this weekend!! WTH?? I had totally change what I was going to wear.) We are staying at Jon and Jillian’s again since it is a long ride home for us.

We are going to be busy, but I am super excited for Jon and Jillian, super excited that Ashleigh is going to be here when I wake up in the morning, and that I get to see Lisa and her family again:)

I may be back before we head out on Friday, but I am not too sure. I will try to stop in on a few blogs!

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