What an awesome weekend!

We had a fabulous weekend here in the “D” household:) It was busy so this is going to be a LONG post! I know you all are dying to know how Jillian’s shower went! Be sure to keep reading because I met my first blogger friend and I have lots of pictures from our evening together:)
I will start with Friday night when I went with my friend Michelle (I am trying very hard to get her to start a blog) to a crop at a local scrapbook store. We had an awesome time and I did not take any pictures. Too much talking and scrapping going on:) I will download the three pages that I finished to Flickr soon.

We were there for about 5 hours and I was hoping that I was going to get some more done. Oh well! I loved chatting, laughing and shopping. I ran up a rather large tab, but I purchased some stuff that I needed for at home. The store is about an hour from my house so I don’t get down there to often. We are going back in September for Michelle’s birthday (you get to go for free). I left poor Michael with empty cabinets, so our neighbors brought him and the kids some pizza and beer. Lani did well without her “bobbies” and went to sleep in our bed with Michael. She was awake when I got home around 1:30am though. I fed her and she went right back to sleep.
On Saturday, I woke up with a huge knot in my stomach knowing that I was going to be seeing my Mom for the first time in 6 years. I ran around the house getting everything ready and trying not to snap at Michael and Wesley. I could feel the stress starting to creep in! So, I finally got to the shower, which was almost 2 hours away without vomiting:) Yay me!! LOL!! I walked into the room and the first person I see is her. I couldn’t believe it when she started walking over to me and gave me a hug. I just stood there holding Lani and did not do anything in return. Lani just frowned at her baby talk and gave her the cold shoulder.
The rest of the afternoon was uneventful between us. I had so much fun watching my brothers future wife open her presents, joke about Jon’s little quirks, and be all giddy:) I remembered my shower fondly! Lani was a perfect angel and was just walking around being cute, dancing to the music, eating, and totally giving my Mom the cold shoulder. I wish that I had it on video because she was totally snubbing her! Hee!!
It was time to go and I was waiting for Michael to come back and pick us up. He and Wesley went miniature golfing and were in the middle of their game. While I was waiting, my Mom came up to me and handed me a slip of paper. It had her new address and phone numbers on it. I just took it without a word and slipped it into my pocket and listened to a few comments that she had about Lani. “Oh, she looks busy”, “Is she good?”, “She’s so beautiful”, blah blah blah!

Then, this is the kicker, “Call me and don’t you be so distant”!! WTF?!?! I seriously wanted to knock her out. I could feel my face getting red and my hands started clenching, so I grabbed Lani and walked away from her. UGH!! Are you kidding me? This woman is in some major denial! I guess that she doesn’t remember the letters, pictures, and birthday invitations that I have been sending her. I now know that I am okay without my Mom. When I first saw her I had no feelings towards her at all. There was no tears, no excitement, no anger, just a feeling of relief that I am going to be okay! The wedding is going to be cake next to this experience:)
I am bummed that I have no pictures, but I forgot my camera. I emailed Jillian’s SIL asking her to send me some that she took of Jillian and Lani together. I will post those as soon as I get them.
After the shower I called up my good blogging friend, Lisa from Pug Posse. (I met her while reading Alfred’s Mom and I was thrilled to find a fellow NH blogger.)

She has a camper set up in the same place that my brother is getting married so we were close by. We headed on over to the campground and although I was nervous about meeting her we clicked instantly and had a great time. I wish we were closer to home so we could have spent more time with them. Luckily we will be back in a few weeks for Jon’s wedding. Lisa took us on a tour of the campground, made us a yummy dinner, and we ended the evening eating s’mores around the campfire. Lisa has the nicest husband, and her girls are so sweet and beautiful:) Whitney and Wesley hit it off instantly and she took him under her wing. They took off and went mini golfing, down to the play ground, and visiting some of her friends. Wesley loved being off on his own and feeling like such a “big kid”!! Let’s not forget about her pugs! Lani LOVED them and I couldn’t believe how well behaved they were. I will say that Turbo certianly stole my heart:) It was so awesome meeting my first blogging friend, especially since she is so AWESOME!! I felt super comfortable around her. Normally when I meet someone for the first time I am a nervous wreck and can barely function:) LOL!! Lisa is funny, nice, sweet, and beautiful!
Now, onto the pictures…

Whitney and Wesley playing Gui.tar He.ro

Big kids on the baby playground:)

Eating some s’mores…Lani was sleeping

Brad (Lisa’s hubby) had to leave for a while so Michael took over on the grill.

Whitney enjoying her s’mores!

AWW!! I heart Turbo! Don’t you love his wink? You can go here to read his story.

Wesley preparing the perfect marshmallow

Thanks you so much to Lisa and Brad for having us over! We can’t wait to do it again!! I think that Wesley wants to move in with you all next Summer! LOL!! It certainly was a fab way to end a stressful day:)

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