The results are in!

Back here I mentioned that I was bringing Lani in for some allergy testing. Today was the appointment and we found out some interesting information.
When we were brought in to the testing room we let Lani pick out a video to watch during the testing.

Of course she chose her favorite! BARNEY!! Do you think she knew what was coming? Look at that face!! AWWW!!

The nurse came in and poked Lani with 16 different allergens. There were environmental and food allergies. Lani screamed and was not too happy about being held down across my lap. Michael was able to catch a picture when she was not crying!!
She had to lay like this for 20 minutes so that the allergens would not run into each other. It was a LONG 20 minutes:( We watched Barney, Daddy sang a lot of silly songs, and read some books. That would last for a few seconds, then the screaming began again.
Here is the final result! The beef and egg look shiny because of the itch cream that the nurse put on the reaction sites! My poor little Lani!
Now, we know what has been bothering her. No more milk products, eggs, or beef (this one surprised us). We also must carry an epi-pen and Ben.adryl with us at all times. This is because of her past reactions. When Lani had the allergic reaction to the mac.n.cheese she actually had anap.hylaxis because two or more of her systems had a reaction (ie: hives, throat, lungs). We thought it was the yell0w #5, but it was actually the milk proteins!

I was a little overwhelmed in the office, but I feel better about the situation now. So far she refuses most dairy products (the doc said it may have made her mouth itch or throat burn) and now the only food item that will be hard to give up is her gold.fish. We call those her happy pills because they make a mad Lani very happy:) She has never had any type of reaction to them but the doc said to still avoid them because her body is still making anti.bodies against the milk protein. This will hinder the whole “growing out of it” thing!!

We now have the epi.pen, know how and when to use it, will avoid all of the above allergens, and pray that Lani grows out of this. I will make a trip to our local food co-op and call a nutritionist. I want to be sure that Lani is getting the proper amount of protein, calcium, and anything else she is missing by virtually becoming a vegan! I am still nursing and doc said that very little of the dairy proteins that I eat are passing through so I don’t have to completely cut out dairy, eggs, and beef. I will cut down though! Good thing grilling season is coming to a close:)

I would love to hear everyones input on this!

Any food ideas?

Any suggestions on how I can get a picky eater to eat?

Does anyone in your family have an epi.pen?


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