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Thanks so much for everyones well wishes and food ideas for Lani’s allergies. I went out and bought some stuff today. So far she hates it all. I will have to post her daily food intake someday. It is not fun to have a picky child! Lani has not been feeling so great today. A low grade fever, gassy tummy, and not too much sleep. It is almost 10 pm and Michael is trying to put her down. I think it may be teeth or a side effect of the allergy testing. I may call the doctor tomorrow just to be sure that this is okay.

We went to the Fran.klin Pa.rk Zo.o in Boston on Wednesday. I turned on the camera to take a picture and “No Memory Card” flashed across the screen! Damn…I had left it in my laptop. It ended up being okay because this zoo SUCKED!!! First of all we had to travel through the ghetto to get there. I kept my head down and doors locked! YIKES!!

Finally, we made it and Wesley was hungry so we sat down to eat the lunch we packed. He screamed and flapped his arms because we were being attacked by honey bees. (not really the zoo’s fault, they are horrible this time of year) None of the exhibits were anything fancy and I just felt bad for the animals. Everything was run down and in disrepair, the employees were rude and unfriendly, few spoke english. The gift shop was INSANELY OVERPRICED. I know to expect things to cost more than Wal.mart, but this was ridiculous. Even Wesley was surprised at the costs of some of the items he was looking at. We finally convinced him to buy a “Zoo Book” magazine about insects that only cost $2.95! Atleast he can learn something from that!

There was one AMAZING exhibit in the zoo that we almost missed. It was the newly renovated “Tropical Forest” exhibit where the gorillas lived. The gorillas would come right up to the glass and look at the kids. The Mommy was nursing her baby. The Dad was rolling around and doing tricks for us all! LOVED IT!!!

I hope they continue to renovate the whole zoo like this! It was a great way to end our visit. We did get lost trying to get back to the interstate. Lost in the GHETTO!! Thank God Michael has a good sense of direction and got us out unscathed! Sorry, but I am a country girl and not used to seeing gang members and drug deals while I drive by:( I must say that we wont be visiting again and I do not reccomend this zoo at all! Travel a little farther to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI. It costs the same price and 100 times nicer! You can see pics from last years visit here. The RWZ was smaller than expected but very nice.

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