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I was tagged by Erin for this meme! I have never seen this one before and it was pretty fun! Enjoy!

Here is what you do…

…remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump the others up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom spot.
1. Eliza’s Mom
2. A Lifetime
3. Kristin
4. Erin
5. Wendy

Next, select five people to tag.
1. Shanilie
2. Holly
3. Drea
4. Donna
5. Chas

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was falling deeply in love with Michael! We started dating seriously in January of 1997 but I was away at college. When I came home in May, we made up for lost time, by spending every second together. I know that I alienated a lot of friends during this time, but I was literally ‘blinded’ by love! (feel free to puke from all the sicky sweetness) I also was starting my first job teaching in a Pre-Kindergarten classroom. I was always an assistant so I was thrilled to have my very own classroom full of 4 and 5 year olds. I still see most of these kids working in the local grocery stores saving up for cars:)

What were you doing a year ago?
I was spending my mornings napping, or sitting out in the sun while Wesley was at Kindergarten. Our afternoons were spent going on walks, playing in the sprinklers, and napping again:) I had about 5 more weeks until my due date and I was getting everything ready for Lani. We had the crib set up, tiny little baby clothes washed, and carseat installed! A little early, I know! I like to be prepared:o)

5 snacks that you enjoy
1. Nature Valley Granola Bars
2. Cukes in Rach Dressing
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies
4. Muenster Cheese on Ritz Crackers
5. Bowl of cereal

5 song that you know all the lyrics (I chose more recent ones from my iPod)
1. Before He Cheats: Carrie Underwood
2. Thank You: Dido
3. Fergalicious: Fergie
4. Lips of an Angel: Hinder
5. Brown Eyed Girl: Van Morrison

5 things that you would do if you were a millionaire
1. Pay off our debt as well as all our families debt
2. Buy a house on a lake with brand new cars, boats, waverunners, etc…
3. Start a college/future saving accounts for Wesley and Lani
4. Invest, Invest, Invest
5. Get some plastic surgery (Yeah, I am not afraid to admit it)

5 bad habits
1. Leaving cabinet doors open
2. Staying up too late
3. Watching too much TV
4. Snacking on junk
5. Picking at my skin

5 things that you like doing
1. scrapbooking
2. taking photos
3. blogging
4. going to beacj
5. reading

5 things you would never wear again
1. baggy shirts (except to sleep, workout, clean, etc)
2. hair scrunchies
3. tight rolled jeans
4. Doc marten boots
5. Birkenstock Sandals

5 favorite toys
1. laptop
2. digital camera
3. iPod
4. scrapbooking supplies
5. cell phone

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I live in New Hampshire with my husband Michael and my two kiddos, Wesley(11) and Lani(5)! I own a home child care so I can be home with my children.I have a passion for creating scrapbooks and taking photos. I'm in the process of starting my very own photography business:} I love to spend time with my family, going on day trips and other adventures! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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