Not much going on here!

This weekend was fairly low key for us. I don’t even think that I took any pictures! Shame on me!

On Friday our friends, Michelle and Dan, came over with their two kiddos. We had chinese food and just hung out.

On Saturday, Michael had to work and I just hung out here because it was a crappy, rainy day! Later that night we went to a spaghetti dinner at the American Legion where his Dad is an officer. After that we went over to Michael’s sisters house to deliver the car she bought from us. Michael ended up playing some music with Josh (Lisa’s hubby)! Did I mention that Michael is now a part of a rockabilly band with Josh and his friend Ray? They are currently looking for a drummer, but they sound awesome. Ray is lead vocal and guitar. Michael plays guitar and Josh plays the stand up bass. They are called “knuckle cocks”! Don’t ask because I don’t know! If they play anywhere in NH I will be sure to let you all know so any local bloggers can come and support them:)

Now, onto Sunday! We went to my friend, Stacy’s house. She and I hung out with our two little ones while Michael and her husband, Brian, took Wesley and their tow boys, to the movies to see Shr.ek! We ate pizza, went on a walk, and then took two worn out babies home!

Lani is fighting another cold! She wasn’t sick for 10 months of her life, and now she has had two colds in 3 weeks! UGH! I hope this isn’t how all Summer is going to be. I feel so bad for her because she gets coughing so much, then throws up everywhere! It’s good because she gets all that junk out of her throat, but she really has to be in some pain:( Poor baby!

Before I go, check out my beautiful Jenna! She was in “An.nie Jr.” at her school. She was an orphan and did a beautiful job! Made her Auntie cry! I did my best to get some photos, but my camera doesn’t focus well when I can’t use a flash

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