Lani is 11 months

WOW! 11 months! I can’t believe that I can say “Lani is going to be one next month”! I already started planning for the party. I have Ellia from Green Bean Baby making the invitations! I will post them when I get the final draft! So far, they are fabulous!!!
We took some photos outside today! She even wanted to hold her teddy this time! I had Brooke (my neighbor) make her laugh. The dogs next door were barking at us so she was a little nervous.

This month has been amazing for us in so many ways! It has been a hard one because she has had two colds, is working on 4 teeth, and is Mommy addicted! This all equals one fussy baby and less sleep and I NEED my sleep!! (why then do I insist on staying up so late?) She is starting to feel a little better so hopefully there will be less coughing for her tonight. Of course this is nothing compared to the joy that she has brought us! She is doing so much and her personality is really shining through!
*Here she is noticing the doggy next door*

She is pulling up on everything in the house and creeping along. One of her favorite games is to walk between two people. Just tonight she was really walking between me and Michael. (If I knew how to get video off my camcorder I would post it! I will try to get it on the digi camera.)
The stranger anxiety is getting much better. There have been a few men who still scare the you know what out of her. (Sorry, Uncle Pete!) Our bedtime is also 100% better! Even with the cold she is still falling right to sleep for us most nights. It’s the waking up in the night to nurse that we are still working on. I don’t mind once, but during this sickness she wakes up 2-3 times and nursing a baby that often when she has teeth is NOT good :S We are still having some food issues. She is VERY fussy and has only a few foods that she will eat. We also have to be careful because a few foods have caused an allergic reaction. She had Kraft mac n’ cheese and instantly broke out in hives. The doctor wasn’t too worried since she is still nursing so well. Although at times I wish I could get her to drink formula or even cow milk at this point. Just to give my poor you know what’s a break! (no googlers are going to find that word here! lol)
*she hugs us and her animals and says “aww”*

Her little brain is always going a mile a minute! We read her books, over and over and over again. She has her favorites and will listen to those all the way through. There are a few that she will listen to a few pages, then say “ah duh” and close the book:) She really knows what she wants! Her favorite word is “dat”! We walk around the house and out doors, she says “dat” and we have to bring her to it so she can touch what ever it is. If it is something that she does not want we get a little head shake from her. Another game is peek a boo. She uses her hands to do that now. We have graduated from the blanket.
*yay for me*

I am amazed by how many words Lani has. What surprises me anymore is that she really knows what she is saying and asking for! Here are some of her words:
*more-the sign*ah duh-all done*tay ooh-thank you*esee-Wesley*nenna-Jenna*Mama*Dada*

She also is making some animal sounds:
moo, meow, and woof woof. (she has her own version of all of these sounds)

Right now Lani is loving: babies (she is borderline obsessed with them! She will cry until she can go see a baby, touch the picture, etc), cows, balloons, books, bananas, going on walks, car rides, swings, nursing, dogs (from a distance), Wesley, Brookie, my iPod head phones, cell phones, remotes, digi cameras, and did I mention babies!

Right now she is hating: barking dogs, anything besides water in her cup, trying new foods, grass, having her diaper changed, and well…i think that is about it! Not too bad huh?
If you made it this far, thanks!

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