Lani is 10 months old

Once agian a month has passed by too quickly! Lani has changed sooo much. She is showing us that she understands what we are saying to her. I love how she is beginning to truly interact with me. She is constantly asking “dat” (that) and pointing to everything. She points by placing her thumb and pointer finger together! So cute! Michael has taught her a few games. When you say “where’s Lani’s toe toes” she will grab them and hold them up. He also taught her “how big is Lani”. When he says that she holds her hands into the air! Lani is still nursing about 4 times a day. We are still working on the whole finger food issue! She refuses all baby food except bananas and baby cereal. So far she will eat whole wheat pasta with sauce, ground turkey (as long as it is in sauce), wheat bread, cheerio’s, cheese ravioli, bananas, waffles, homeade pizza, andcucumbers (uses them as a chew toy). I usually have to feed her all of these except Cheerio’s! How spoiled she is. Notice that there is no vegetables? I have tried everything! I now sneak a tbs. into her cereal in the morning. I am curious as to what the doctor says at her well child visit on Monday! I know that she is getting enough nutrients from my breast milk, but I feel like she is starving:o(

She is finally crawling everywhere! She chases Wesley around the house giggling! I love that sound. It seems that he is the only one that is special enough to make her giggle. She loves him so much. She still enjoys standing and walking holding our hands. Man is she fast and very steady on her feet.

Lani is s.l.o.w.l.y getting better with her stranger anxiety. While we are on walks she waves to eveyone and gives them big smiles. If they come near her she hangs her head and acts all shy. It is very sweet. She really loves being with her cousins though. The girls walk her around, so now they are her best friend. I did buy a sling to help when she wants to be on my hip 24/7! She has been sick so we have only used it a few times but she really enjoyed hanging out in it! Drea, I will post pictures soon, I promise:)

As of now she is saying:
mama, dada, dat (that), kit (cat), awww (while kissing baby dolls), bye-bye (this is for hi and bye, ga (not sure what that one means).
Lani loves:
Wesley, Mommy, Daddy, balls, balloons (she points to them in stores and says “dat” over and over), to kick stuff, sharing her food and buppy, dancing, babies (pictures, dolls, and real ones. She kisses them), bananas, swings, going for walks, birdies, blowing raspberries, books, and Baby Einstein (the perfect sitter so I can take a shower).

Lani is not liking these things so much:
dogs (barking ones), vegetables, breast milk in a cup, stuffy noses, teething, sweets (yes, we sneak her some every now and then), grass, and loud noises.

Glad the “love” list is longer! Another month with our beautiful baby girl! It’s been a challenging month with eating problems and sickies, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! LoVe HeR sO mUcH!

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