Any advice?

For anyone interested…Michael lowered the crib tonight. I put Lani to bed at 8:18pm. I let her cry for 5 minutes, went in and she was sitting up so I layed her back down. Then she cried for another 5 minutes and started to fade. She actually fell asleep on her own:) Thanks to everyones encouragement!! She is now sleeping on her belly for the first time. I wonder if she will sleep better? Michael is a nervous wreck and thinks that she might smother! He wants to get a camera. Too Cute!

I used to be able to say “Wow, Lani lays right down and goes to sleep on her own!”. Now, she refuses to lay down on her own, screams, cries, kicks, all that good temper tantrum stuff. I usually have to nurse her to sleep or hold her f.o.r.e.v.e.r until she goes to sleep! Since being sick, things have gotten worse! She no longer takes her buppy (paci) and WILL NOT go to sleep!
So, I decided that it is time to get her back to falling asleep on her own! I researched all the sleeping “methods” out there but it is has always been better to get tried and true advice from real Mom’s!

Why do this you may ask? Well, I watch other kids in my home and I can not spend hours trying to get Lani to take a nap. I can’t spend 30 minutes laying in my bed with her so that she can play with my hair and fall asleep.

Right now she has been screaming in her crib for about 5 minutes. I plan on going up to comfort her, but not pick her up! I then will try not to cry myself because I hate doing this to her:( Any other suggestions? I would love any ideas that you have tried for your non sleeping babies! Mom’s with sleeping babies need not reply! LOL! I don’t want to hear it! HEE HEE!

Yeah…well…I already failed! When I went back in she was sitting up in her crib*, crying, and saying “mamama”! *sigh* Guess who is snoozing away in my bed? Atleast in only took one minute since she exhausted herself with all that crying :(

*time to lower the crib…this is the first time she has ever rolled over and tried to pull herself up in her crib. It is still on the top level!

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