Shanilie from A Mom’s Love interviewed me recently! We sat down in the confort of my livingroom and had a great conversation! AW! Just kidding! She actually e-mailed me! She asked some fun questions. Thanks!

So, here goes!

1. What body feature do you most love and most hate about yourself?

This is a tricky one:) The body feature I love the most are my feet. I have nicely proportioned toes that look great in sandals:) Of course, as I get older callouses have begun to appear! YUCK! So, I religiously scrub those babies off! As for the part that I hate, I could write a long list. But, I will choose my ears because I have hated them since I was in junior high! They stick out just a tiny bit and I am VERY self conscious about them! In middle school, I would sleep with tight head bands on them hoping they would flatten out :o) If I had any extra money floating around I would get surgery to put them closer to my head! I feel so bad for Lani because she has my ears! I will get her the surgery if she wants it! Really, I will!

2. What’s the hardest thing about blogging?

I really have two things! The first is trying to ignore the weird looks I get from family and friends when I tell them how much I love blogging. I know they love the pictures and the family updates, but a few friends have laughed at me! Seriously, make me feel bad much? These friends haven’t even bothered to look here either! And secondly, it has been hard trying to not take some things so personal! I feel like I am back in High School again and I have some self-esteem issues:o) I wonder why someone I read everyday, and comment on almost every post, hasn’t added me to their blogroll (they are on mine). I also wonder when someone comments a few times, then never comes back. Just silly things like that! It drives me crazy that I feel like this! I am almost 30 after all, not 15!

3. If money and time were not a problem, what vacation would you take?

I would go to Australia even though Trace says there are BIG spiders there! I have always been intrigued by this place and would love to travel to every corner! Maybe, since money is not an issue, I would take Trace along and she could show me her home:)

4. How did you meet your husband and what made you fall in love with him?

In college, I worked at a child care center in the Summer and on breaks. I worked with a lovely girl named Lisa. She and another coworker were bound and determined to set me up with someone. Lisa, then suggested, her brother. I was a little unsure about this because I had just broken up with my high school love. So, I agreed to go to the beach with her family, and Michael would tag along! We had a great time, and he was soooo sweet. I, of course, was shy and quiet! That is how I was back then. I think that I have gotten better with age! We saw each other a few more times and he ended up asking me to a Jewel concert. Now, if any of you know Michael, you realize how funny this is! He listens to very extreme underground music so this must have been pure hell for him:) Like listening to nails on a chalkboard. HA! It wasn’t our dream date, that is for sure. I was so full of anxiety that I barely talked! Little did I know that he had also met someone else so he really was not putting much effort into the night! He even asked me to pay for dinner! YIKES! So, the Summer ended and I went back to college! I came home for Christmas Break and went down to a local store for my Mom! Some weird guy was chasing me on his bike in the freezing cold rain! He was waving me down at a stoplight, I just locked my doors in fear and raced home! When I got home, I found out that the strange guy was Michael! He had stopped by the house looking for me and my Mom told him where I was. Yeah, he wanted me! HAHA! Things didn’t exactly work out with the “other woman”! Now, the rest is history! We have been married for almost 8 years but together for 10. He was so easy to fall in love with. It happened very quickly for me. I went back to school and received many letters from him, and lots of surprise visits. He had such a huge, kind, heart and was VERY romantic! He would do anything for me! This is what made me fall deeply, deeply, in love with him!

5. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?Well, if health was not an issue, than I would have to say sweets! I have a MaJoR sweet tooth! But, if I had to remain healthy than I would say chicken! Sorry, vegetarian friends!

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