Is Spring Really Here?

On Friday, I brought Lani and Alex (I babysit him) outside to enjoy it! Lani was not impressed by the grass, which I can’t really blame her for:) It is still really rough and dry! But, she loved playing on the blanket and I loved her new sun hat! (Which is not in this picture) The first of many, I am sure:) I am loving cute sun hats and sandals at the moment!On Saturday it was even warmer so we went to Livingston Park (I couldn’t find a link) in Manchester. It is a little out of our way, but it is so worth it! We only have the school playground here in our small town! The park was extremely busy and crowded with rude city kids! I love when I have to speak to everyone else’s kids because they are knocking the little ones down while their parents are smoking on a park bench waaayyy on the other side! Sorry, had to vent! Of course, not all city kids are rude but most of these kids were! UGH!

This park also has a beautiful walking trail around a pond. We have been to this park many times and never did the whole walk, but this time we did! What a surprise to find this little oasis in the middle of the city:) There were small streams, nice board walks with benches, pretty views, and a trail that was very stroller friendly! Some parts were a little muddy and washed out because of the storm, but not too bad!

When we went back to the playground it was less crowded so Wesley enjoyed the monkey bars and Lani finally was able to have a swing! They were a hot commodity:) She loved it and was beginning to fall asleep since it was her naptime!

We went to the mall for dinner and I bought Wesley some shorts and Lani a cute pair of sandals from The Child*ren’s Pla*ce! (Lani’s are blue)
Next week, Wesley is on Spring vacation so we plan on heading back to the park on Monday with Lisa and Joshie (my sil and nephew). It is going to be in the 80’s here!

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