Nor'easter Adventures!

Well, the past few days have been quite the adventure for our family and many others here in New Hampshire! (Let’s not forget those in the Virginia Tech family, who’s tragedy is 100x worse that our lil’ storm)

The snow/rain mix started on Sunday morning here. I went to the store to get some water and other supplies in case we lost power. It switched from snow to rain for most of the day and by evening the wind hit an we were in the middle of a nor’ easter. The wind whipped all night and I had a hard time sleeping. I was waiting for the power to go off, but it never did! (This is the one night in a long time that Lani slept for 8 hours straight! Figures!) Michael came in the room around 6:30 to let me know that our town did not cancel school. We were talking about how surprised we were that the power did not go out, then guess what, the power went out! We did not send Wesley to school because I knew that they would just end up sending the kids home early anyway! Why they did not cancel is beyond me! So many roads were flooded or ripped apart from the rushing water! They did eventually send the kids home around 9am but most were stuck at the school because the roads were impassable. Michael also took the day off since most of his jib is outdoors and he did not want to be out in 50mph wind gusts! Luckily where we live is out of the “flood zones”! Just a little water in the basement!

We spent all of Monday at home since it was fairly warm outside and the temps in the house did not drop too much. We listened to the radio, watched a movie on Wesley’s portable DVD player, used my laptop until the battery died (I had no internet access), played and read! Lisa,

Michael’s sister, called and told us that the power was back on so we could go and stay the night with them! We left here around 6:30 pm and it was only 63 degrees in here! Not too bad, but I knew that it was only going to get worse and I was worried about the kiddos! So, we packed up clothes, toys, bedding, fridge stuff and headed to his sisters! By this time the worst of the storm was over but the flooding was bad! We were detoured several times because of closed roads, and big sink holes! It’s crazy to see houses that you drive by everyday under several feet of water! I wanted to cry for those families who had lost so much! We always have a little flooding every spring but this is the worst that it has ever been!

We had fun at Lisa’s with her kiddos! We stayed warm in front of her fireplace and made a comfy bed upstairs in Joshie’s room! I was sleeping great until my worst nightmare came true! I had woken up around 3:30 am because I was getting warm. I stuck my feet out from under the blanket then I felt something crawling on my hand. I felt it bite me so I knocked it off my hand and smacked where I thought it landed on my blanket. At that moment I woke up enough to realize what had just happened to me! I jumped out from under the sleeping bag, smacked Michael, and whispered very loudly that there was a buuuuuugggggg on me! I am sure that he thought I was just being paranoid because of my HUGE fear of things that are creepy crawly! He grabbed the flash light and we began to look for what it was! When I saw it, I instantly started crying because I am a whimp like that! The bite was actually a sting from a WASP!!!!! Michael killed it and I had an absolute panic attack! My fear of bees, hornets, and wasps, is right up there with spiders! I made him search the whole room and then put Joshies night light back in! I searched Lani and Wesley to make sure there was nothing on them! THANK GOD it was on me instead of them! Needless to say I did not get much sleep for the rest of the night! HA! That was my worst trauma from this big storm!

On Tuesday, Wesley’s and my nieces school was still cancelled so we hung out with Lisa since her work also closed! Our power finally came back on around 4:00pm. We ate dinner at Lisa’s to give the heat time to warm the house up! Michael stopped in before work on Tuesday and it was down to 55! BRRR! When we got home I cleaned up a little and emptied out the refrigerator and freezer of their warm contents! I am glad that we brought a lot of it to Lisa’s! A BIG THANK YOU to Lisa and Josh for opening their house to us!

It is now Wednesday and school is still cancelled! Many roads are trashed and the school is being used as an emergency shelter for people who had to evacuate their homes! Wesley is driving me crazy because he is “sooooo bored” as he says! Next week is Spring vacation so I better think of some things to do! Right now I am catching up on blogs while Lani naps! I feel like I am so behind!

Well, if you made it to the end of this long post please keep the flood victims of New Hampshire in your thoughts! Many of these families were still cleaning up and renovating from last May’s floods!

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