This year has been awesome for our family! We went through a lot of trials that challenged us as a family and as a couple! The happiest moment was when I gave birth to Lani! She really was a miracle since we doubted that after 3 years of trying anything and everything to get pregnant that it would never happen! Just when we began to accept it, SURPRISE, you are having a little babe in 8 months! Here is our year in review! Some months are more exciting than others but here we go!

**January: This month I finally began to feel like a normal person again! The “all day” sickness that I was having had faded away! I was able to stay up past 7:00 at night and begin to socialize with my family and friends again. We purchased our new couch and chair for our living room! We purchased our last one while I was pregnant with Wesley and it had held up well but with some rips and major stains it was time to say “bye-bye”! Hopefully the guy who picked it up from the dump as soon as we dropped it off will enjoy it as much as we did! YUCK!

**February: We took Wesley to see Monsters Inc. On Ice at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. Wesley also was promoted from “Grasshoppers” to “Juniors” in karate! We also had the ultrasound that showed us that the little babe growing in me was a girl! HOORAY!

**March: I left my Child Care job this month and did not go back to work for the rest of my pregnancy! I do miss being a part of the work force but I LOVE being at home with my kiddos! Wesley started school at Barnstead Elementary since I was no longer working at the center that he was attending Kindergarten at. I was super anxious to have him start at the “big school” but he did great and had loved every minute of it!

**April: Wesley turned 6 this month. We had a fishing party for him and a few of his friends. We celebrated Easter at Grammy and Grampy’s with a yummy breakfast and egg hunt!

**May: This was a rather uneventful month! I drug my very pregnant self to a Girl Scout sleep over at the Boston Museum of Science! Had a lovely night sleeping on a deflating air mattress while a tiny little mouse scurried around looking for goodies! Michael also had his karate tournament this month. He placed first in each of his events!

**June: Babies! Babies! Babies! Lani Elizabeth was born in June 24th! Michael’s cousin also had a baby daughter 3 days before Lani was born! This was definitely the highlight of our year! Even Wesley decided that this was his favorite memory from 2006! Michael and I also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and Wesley graduated from Kindergarten.

**July: No sleep! Tired! Happy! Content! In love! We spent a lot of time staying cool at Grammies in her pool.

**August: Took Leah to Santa’s Village and Jenna to Roger Williams Zoo. I had a lot of job interviews but decided to stay home. Wesley started soccer and first grade. Went on the big yellow school bus for the first time.

**September: Michael turned 34! Lani caught her first cold and Wesley was promoted to yellow belt in karate.

**October: Did a little apple picking in unseasonably warm weather!

**November: I turned 29! Wesley went on first “big school” field trip to see “Seussical Musical” at Capital Center for the Arts! We celebrated Thanksgiving at Grammies and Grampy came over to help us paint Wesley’s room! We are still working on that EXTREME MAKEOVER! It has been hard to find the time to really work on his room!

**December: We celebrated Christmas here and at Grammies with all the family! Michael is now a blue belt in karate. We spent a lot of time together as a family now that Michael has 3 days a week off from work! I miss the extra money but I am thankful for the extra time that he is able to spend with me and the kids.

We look forward to watching Wesley and Lani continue to grow and change in 2007! I am excited to plan Lani’s first birthday! I hope to get Lani’s first year scrapbook done before she turns one :) Wesley says that he can’t wait to start second grade so that he can play soccer again!

We are not doing too much for the New Year! We are just hanging around the house, blogging, playing games, making play dough creations, and reading! We wanted to go out with some friends but I am still Lani’s main source of food and I couldn’t be away from her for that long! Maybe next year? Wesley is going to try to stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop. Last year he fell asleep on the couch watching a movie so he is determined to stay up this year! It’s a little after 9 here and I am getting sleepy so he is doing better than me:) Hopefully Lani will sleep in!

Happy 2007 everyone! May this year be full of wonderful memories for you and your families!

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