It is hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone! I even took the tree down this morning! It’s not that I was in a bah-hum-bug sort of mood but I was so sick of the clutter and adding all the gifts from family and friends became too much!!

Our Christmas Eve festivities started with me in the walk-in center of our hospital! I was not feeling great on Saturday but when I woke on Sunday I was running a high fever, achy all over, and had a nasty throat. Michael left work early to take me because I was sure that I had strep-throat and did not want to be sick on Christmas Day! We actually got in and out of there quickly with a positive diagnosis for strep and a prescription for antibiotics. I went home and snoozed between feeding Lani and felt much better by that night! I was never so happy to have such an awesome hubby! It certainly sped up the recovery being able to sleep the day away! I was just glad that we did not have any big plans. We put the kids into their new Christmas jammie’s and put out a treat for Santa. Wesley decided to stray away from tradition this year. He put out some pretzels that I had dipped instead of cookies. I am sure that Santa appreciated something a little different. We also had to leave a light on so that Santa would be able to find the Christmas tree in our HUGE house (NOT!!) We woke up the next morning and had a wonderful Christmas morning with Lani and Wesley! Lani woke Michael and I up around 6am. We checked on Wesley but he was still sound asleep so I fed her then we opened his door to let him wake up on his own. That wasn’t working and Lani was all done hanging out in our room so we took her downstairs to play. Wesley FINALLY woke up around 7:30! He came down and instantly began to rip into presents with out even a hello to his mommy and daddy :) Santa brought him lots of good presents. We only got Lani a few presents this year since we knew that she was going to get plenty of other things from the family. We also knew that the paper would be her all time favorite.
Later in the afternoon we ventured out to Michael’s parents house. We always spend it with his parents, and his sister, her hubby, and their kiddos! I didn’t get too many photos because Lani was pretty grumpy and the kids didn’t want to stay in one spot long enough. I didn’t even get a photo of Lani in her pretty Christmas dress. I will put her in it again another time to recreate the moment! We had a yummy ham dinner and lots of goodies for dessert. His family certainly spoiled us all this year! I will post pics of Lani in her exersaucer that her Aunty Lisa bought for her! I put it together this morning and she loves it. Although she hasn’t figured out how to spin around in it so when she fusses a little that usually means that she is bored. So, I spin her towards some of the other fun chew toys on it and she is happy once again. For another few minutes anyway!

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