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I have a friend who provided child care for a 3 year old boy. His parents put him in a different center for financial reasons. A few weeks later my friend gets a call that this woman passed away unexpectedly from a hear attack right in front of the children in her care. It is such a sad and horrific story:{ I can't even imagine those poor kiddos who watched her die!!

Luckily her boyfriend was there! I am not really sure how things went down, but what if he wasn't? There is no way that 3 year old would have known what to do!! This really got me thinking about myself and the children I watch. Lani is the oldest, but she has NO idea about 911 or what to do in an emergency.

I'm much younger then the other child care provider, but we all know that slips and falls happen. I could even choke on a piece of my morning bagel for goodness sakes. So, today we began operation 911. Keeping it simple without freaking the kids out. Lani has such an over active imagination that she has already asked me 100 times about different situations. I also talked to them about going over to my neighbors house to get help if I am hurt and can't talk to them. Both Lani and Alex know Pam and trust her so that is definitely a good option for them.

Trying not to freak myself out either. If I was hurt in the am and the kids didn't know what to do then they could be by themselves until 5pm when most of my parents pick up...SCARY!!!

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Donna January 22, 2010 5:38 PM  

OH MY, that is scary.

When we told Ethan about 911 he kept asking a bunch of stuff too...we went over scenarios like, What if mommy fell in the driveway and hurt her knee...would you call 911...NOOOO....etc etc...

Mama Skates January 25, 2010 3:58 PM  

wow! u're right - u never think about stuff like that happening! i'm sorry to hear about the older lady that passed away - but glad that it's triggering u teaching ur kiddos about what 2 do in an emergency!

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