Fall Festival and Halloween

We spent Halloween morning and afternoon at Wesley's elementary school.They were having a Fall Festival and his (and Michael's) karate school did a demonstration. He was soooo excited to show some of his friends what he does at karate. Many think it's a lot of hi-ya's and wood chopping, but it's so much more then that! He and Michael demonstrated kata (forms), kumite (sparring), and kobudo (weapons). Matthew is another boy in Wesley's class who is a few years older then him. He is a great kid and Wesley really looks up to him!

Wesley shiho

Kobudo kata

Kumite (sparring)

Of course the highlight for Lani was seeing Wayne from Maine!! She just loves his music and we listen to his tape (yes....I said tape) in the van all. the. time. The good thing about having a tape player in the van is that we were able to get a new one for only $5:) YAY!!

Wayne from Maine

We left the festival to go home and chill before trick or treating time. We went out right at 4 to avoid the rain that was coming! It was weird being out before dark, but well worth it since the rain started soon after we got back home.

Wesley was a masked ninja and Lani was beautiful Snow White. I even had to put make up on her since "all pwincesses wear makeup". LOL!! It was soooo warm:) We loved not having to put our costumes on over winter coats...haha! I was even hot at one point after hoofing it up a hill.

Ready to go out trick or treating

Smooches for Brudder

The kids both did great! Wesley was done before Lani so he and Michael headed home to hand out candy. My Aunt and I took Lani to a few more houses. She wanted to keep going, but we convinced her that Daddy needed help with the candy:) We ended the night with some yummy Chinese food and Guitar Hero.The wind and rain picked up and of course we lost power:( The kids started using play dough at the table. They made some beautiful sculptures by candle light. We all camped out in our bedroom and at some point during the night the power came back on! Glad it was a warm night so we didn't have to worry about the heat.

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~Mama Skates~ November 04, 2009 9:11 AM  

wow, that sounds like a FABULOUS Halloween! play-doh by candle light & a family campout after trick-or-treating? so cool!

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