Allergy update!

I took Lani into see her allergist today. We had an appointment to review the beef and milk RAST test results. She also had to get a scratch test for her egg allergy.

First...the good news! Lani's egg allergy is NO MORE:) The scratch test came out negative...woo hoo!

Now for the bad news:( The RAST test showed that Lani's milk AND beef allergies had worsened!! I couldn't believe it! I truly thought they would have been better if not just staying the same. Even the doctor was shocked at how high the levels were compared to 2008.

Here is a comparison:

In 2008 her milk was 3.77 and today it was 13.40
In 2008 her beef was 3.24 and today it was 9.34

If you click on the RAST link above you can see a chart that shows what class these are. Right now there is no change in her care. We will continue to avoid these foods at all times. We also need to be better about having an epi pen and Benadryl on us at ALL TIMES! Next year Lani will have another RAST test for beef and milk to see how the numbers have changed. Dr. Jarmoc hopes that Lani has hit a high this year and can only go down from there. There really is no explanation as to why her levels went up so much this past year:(

I can only pray that things are better before she starts school! I really don't think I can handle sending her to school with these allergies. I will just lose my mind!!

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connie September 04, 2009 4:06 AM  

Aww, bless her heart & YOURS! I'm so sorry you didn't get better news~that just sucks! Hopefully it'll improve during the next year. If either of my boys had allergies like she does, I'd be terrified & not want to let them out of the house ;) I will keep Lani & you in my prayers. (((hugs)))

*Just curious~~does Wesley have allergies like that?

~Mama Skates~ September 04, 2009 10:41 AM  

poor thing! hopefully this is her peak & she'll get better over the next few years...my sister grew up with milk, egg & animal allergies (more 2 their saliva than fur/dander) - but as an adult she can eat things in moderation

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