Weeken Round Up...FINALLY!!!

It's Wednesday so I figured that I better get to last weekend before this weekend gets here:)

On Saturday Michael had to work for a few hours so I hung around the house trying to clean the house for Ashleigh's visit. I say "trying" because Lani was being a PAIN and would not let me get anything done! Michael got him just in time to bring Wesley to a birthday party so I could get Lani down for a nap, clean some more, and get ready for a wedding.

Talisha, Michael's cousin, was married this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding despite the sprinkles and cloudy skies. As soon as Talisha started walking down the aisle Lani started saying "I wanna see the show". I was horrified so I took her inside immediately. I DID NOT want her to ruin their ceremony in any way! She and Jamie had the wedding and reception at the same place the Michael and I had our reception. It was a lot of fun to be back. Lani and Wesley were good and had a lot of fun dancing.

Bride and her Daddy

Lani and her people

Michael and I

taking a break outside

After the wedding we headed over to Lisa because the kiddos were going to sleep over there while Michael and I went to get Ashleigh at the airport. Initially they were going to come with us but her flight was delayed like 3 hours. She didn't get in to Boston until after midnight and we didn't get home until 2:30am. Thank goodness Lisa kept Wesley and Lani. They did great by the way:)

Sunday we went to a cook out at Michael's Aunt Cheryl's house, the Mother of the Bride. Since we had so much family up for the wedding she had a cook out for Michael's grandparents birthdays. It was fun but we all were so tired from our lack of sleep the night before. There was good food, and badminton!!

Great Grandparents

playing catch with Grampy

After the cook out we made a stop at my brothers house so he could see Ashleigh. Lani was soooo tired and being intolerable! Thank God we only live a minute down the road because I TOTALLY lost my patience and just left. I told Michael to call me when he wanted a ride home! LOL! Maybe not the most mature thing but MAN!! I can't stand when she gets like that. Yes...I know it was my fault for the busy, unscheduled weekend.

There you have it:) I know that most everybody who joins me in linking for the weekend round up already posted, but I would love for you to come back over and link up! I know that everyone had really been enjoying their visits to some new blogs.

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Chas June 04, 2008 5:57 PM  

The picture of Wesley and Lani is precious!!

FlipFlop Mom June 04, 2008 7:33 PM  

What a FANTASTIC WEEKEND GIRL!!! LOVE the pictures...
I hope you're having a BLAST with your sister!!! you deserve it!!!

Jesser June 04, 2008 9:33 PM  

Sounds like you had a great weekend and you got some great photos too! :) Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Stam House June 05, 2008 8:04 AM  

Looks like you had a great time! and the picture are adorable!!!!

Connie June 05, 2008 9:09 AM  

I still want to participate in your WRU but the last 2 weekends have just been blah here. I promise to participate soon~when I have more exciting weekends to share~& w/summer here & Justin out of school (tomorrow's his last day~woo hoo!!), I just know I'll have more to share :)

Your weekend sounds wonderful! LOVE the pic of Wesley & Lani together~frameworthy!!!! The one of you & Michael is really good too~frameworthy as well ;)

~Mama Skates~ June 05, 2008 10:47 AM  

great pics! :0) and u shouldn't feel bad for having to take lani home & go back for ur hubby - sometimes that's best for all involved! ~lol~ i know how those weekend days can get when there's too much planned, no time for naps & the lil ones start showing it!

SJ June 05, 2008 3:50 PM  

Sounds like you had a great weekend! The barbeque looked like a success - love the photos!

I haven't posted my camping trip weekend post yet and um, it's Thursday! Probably should do that ASAP.


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