Lani's first teenage babysitter

My 13 year old neighbor Brooke is the sweetest, kindest, and funniest girl. I have known her since she was 7 and it has been a blessing to watch her grow up into such a responsible teenager. She reminds me soooo much of myself when I was her age. I wont get into it, but it makes me actually feel bad about how I was with my Mom! That will make those of you who know the story of my Mom laugh:) So sweet to us, but gives her Mom major attitude. You know the typical teenager game.

Anyway, she texted me and offered to babysit when ever we needed her because she is saving up money to upgrade her phone. I jumped on that because Michael and I had a gift certificate to a no-kid restaurant burning a hole in my wallet. I was nervous because Brooke has only watched the kids after Lani is in bed. I figured now is a good time to have her put Lani to bed since she is such a good sleeper. I made sure that Brooke knew her routine which is very important to Lani and we were off. When 7:45 rolled around and there was no call I knew that bedtime went well! Lani went right down for Brooke and slept all night. When I went in to get Lani the first thing she said was "Where Brookie go?"!! Isn't that adorable?

I know that some parents our there don't believe in leaving there children with sitters, but I am so glad to have Brooke! She is so trustworthy, responsible, and my kiddos love her. Now Michael and I can start having date nights a little more. Oh, and did I mention that they live 30 seconds down the road? Yeah, her Mom was ready to come over if Brooke needed her to, but she did great!! Thanks Brookie. We love you!

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Anonymous March 06, 2008 10:13 PM  

You are SO lucky, and I am jealous. We don't really know anyone where we live, so that means no sitter. My hubby and I just wait until family is in town to go out together.

Andrea March 06, 2008 10:44 PM  

That's great! I have a ton of teenage girls wanting to babysit Tate, but so far I've been a little cautious with getting anyone to babysit...I prefer adults (but I haven't met a real mature teenager yet that I could trust...so if I met one of those I might change my mind!) Also, I was wondering...how do you get your blog posts to show only about the 1st 5 lines of your post in things like "google reader" etc...you know, so that people actually have to come to your blog to read the whole post?

Erin March 07, 2008 10:23 AM  

That's awesome! I wish we had somebody we could trust like that, my husband and I would get to do more things together!

Jesser March 07, 2008 12:12 PM  

That's wonderful!!! How very lucky. The only person who's sat for Tabby besides family and close friends is our (full time)babysitter's daughter ... who is probably practically family by now anyway. Haha.

Devoted Mama March 07, 2008 12:47 PM  

That's fantastic~I know that was nice to have "adult" time & conversation :) We just found out that one of Bobby's neices who is 17 is babysitting to earn money now so we're most definitely going to take advantage of that ;)

SJ March 08, 2008 8:50 PM  

Oh how nice that you have someone that you trust to watch your kids, and someone too that your kids love! Enjoy those date nights, you guys deserve them!

I wish I had someone like Brooke!

Shannon March 08, 2008 10:40 PM  

I'm jealous too... I wish we had someone to babysit Lore... heck my own inlaws won't do it... we have never had a date night...

Candi March 10, 2008 12:13 AM  

Good for you!!! That's great news. I have a 14 year old gal across the street but she is so shy it makes me nervous. I have used her a few times when it has been less than an hour. I am too spoiled with my 23 year old babysitter who is leaving me :(

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