Flaunt it Friday: Significant Others

Mommy Kelly over at Taken with a Grain of Salt has chose "significant others" to be the theme of this weeks Flaunt it Friday. Basically tell her about your spouse and how you met.
************************************************************************************** I worked at a child care center called "Ea.sy to be M.e" after school and during the summers starting in 1994. Lisa (Michael's sister) who was ahead of me in school also worked there and we became fast friends. I graduated from high school in 1995 and worked at the center during my breaks and over the summer. In 1996, Lisa and Candi (another teacher) wanted to set me up with someone and Lisa mentioned her older brother. I went to dinner at her house and guess who happened to show up? Michael. I was so extremely shy and wanted to hide under the table. He was so sweet and nice. Not to mention great with Jenna, who was jut a little baby at the time. I am not sure of the exact time line, but I think that weekend we all went to a lake together and spent the day. GAH!! I had to let him see me in a bathing suit. (Good thing those were my skinny days) He also told me I was beautiful and asked me out on a "real date" sans his sister and her family.
Me and Lisa at her wedding

He took me to see Je.wel and anyone who knows Michael's music taste would crack up at this!! If I knew more about him then, I would never have put him through the torture. I will say that I was not the best date! Poor Michael. Back then I was so extremely shy in new situations, especially one on one. To make it worse the venue had tables so we had to sit with other couples. Gah! What a disaster. I didn't hear from him after this date, but I was not surprised. Poor Lisa finally had to tell me that he met some other girl. He actually met her before our date, but being the man that he is, took me anyway.

I went back to college assuming that was the end of Wendy and Michael, but turns out that the girl was a psycho and he was back on the market. LOL!! That winter I was at home on break and went out on a short shopping trip. Most likely to get away from my Mother. I was on the way home and sitting at a red light when I looked to my right and there was some strange guy on a bike all bundled up waving at me. I was getting freaked out, locked my doors, and drove home. When I arrived my Mom handed me a piece of paper with Michael's phone number on it. Turns out the strange guy on a bike was Michael chasing me down. Ummm..speaking of psycho. I was still wounded by the last date, so I didn't call him for a while, but then decided that I should just see what he wants. I mean, he did ride his bike in January to my house. Why didn't he just drive his car you ask? Well, Michael is strange and likes to torture himself.

He came over to my house a few times and we chatted then one night he was supposed to call me and never did. (This is where fate steps in) I was done with him at that point so my friend, Becky, and I went out to see a movie. We were sitting in her car after and I was looking for the car keys in my purse when who should walk in front of the car? MICHAEL!! I was sooo mad and wanted to run him over! LOL!! Becky honked the horn so he would see me which made me even more mad. (immature, I know...but hey, I was only 19) He ended up at my house again and we went on several more dates while I was still home. Oh man! It was the best two weeks. I went back to school and he visited a few times, we talked on the phone a lot, and wrote to each other daily. My college friends were not to friendly to him, so we didn't hang out at school too much. I am not sure why they were like that, but whatever! Probably because he dressed in black and camo at the time. I am sure they thought he was a punk, but if they only knew how truly awesome he was. So, I came home that Summer and never went back to school. It is one of my biggest regrets, but what's done is done. Michael and I were together constantly and moved in together after 11 months. About 7 months later he asked me to marry him, and then a year after that we were married. June will be our 9th anniversary, we have two beautiful children, a house, a wonderful extended family, fabulous friends, and are still very much in love. Michael made me a book about the first year on our relationship and the last page had this on it. I really should share the book with you all! So very sweet!

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Donna November 30, 2007 9:43 AM  

AWE! Fun story! Thanks for sharing.

I love learning more and more about my blog friends.

And yes, you do have 2 beautiful kids!

Anonymous November 30, 2007 10:01 AM  

I don't know if I'm just hormonal or something but you had me bawling at the end. What a gentleman and a sweet guy!

I guess it just goes to show you, the harder you have to work at something the better the results.

Thanks for playing Wendy!

Jessica November 30, 2007 10:32 AM  

You have a great story! I'm so glad you shared. What a gentleman to still take you on a date after he met another girl! lol You obviously were meant to be together. :)

Candi November 30, 2007 10:42 AM  

What a great story! I love the last page in your book...that is awesome!!

AM November 30, 2007 11:19 AM  

AW, that was really sweet to read!

Tiff November 30, 2007 2:29 PM  

what an awesome story! I love hearing how couples met!

Becca November 30, 2007 10:53 PM  

I love it! I hope my husband still has the romance going at 9 years! Such a great story.

Amy December 01, 2007 11:56 AM  

That is a wonderful story.

I too regret not finishing college. I'm not sure that my fledgling relationship with my would-be husband would have survived those 2 years apart.
I'm grateful that I found my love so early in life. I can always finish my degree later.

Penny December 01, 2007 10:37 PM  

Awww... lovely :)

Shanilie December 02, 2007 10:07 AM  

I enjoy hearing how couples met! I would love to see the book Michael made of the first year. How thoughtful and so much work! Not many guys would do that. You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen...your dress, your hair. Beautiful!

SJ December 02, 2007 10:24 PM  

What a great story! You two make a cute pair! And you make cute kids too!

I hope that you both live in bliss with each other - always.


Chas December 03, 2007 1:31 AM  

Neat story! You guys look like babies in that wedding pic! You could pass for about sixteen in that picture!

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