Noreasters and other randomness

The state of New Hampshire is getting ready for a BIG ol’ Noreaster! This is the first snowstorm of the winter! I don’t mind so much because I don’t have to go to work and hopefully if it is too bad Michael will get to stay home also! I think his bosses would be a little nervous since this happened with only a scant amount of snow! I did go grocery shopping last night since

Tuesday is my usual shopping day! The store was crazy with people acting like we were going to be stuck inside for 8 days! People had carts full of bottled water, canned food, batteries, etc. I hope that I don’t eat my words come Wednesday and we are house bound:) It has been so long since we had a storm I guess that they aren’t sure what to do with themselves! We are right on the line of 12″-18″+ and 6″-12″ so I have no idea how much we could get! I hope that we get a lot and then it warms up so that we can actually go sledding in the backyard! Our little hill hasn’t been used too much over the past few years!

My Aunt Carol is coming over tonight to celebrate her birthday! I am making lasagna and we will have cake and icecream for dessert! I LOVE my Aunt! I do not have a relationship with my Mom and she has always been there for me! I am so much like her that I think that she was really meant to be my Mom!

I finished our taxes last night and we are getting back ALOT of money! I have already started making a list! New bunk bed for Wesley, bureaus for kids, front deck, trip to Illinois (visit my gparents), and sooo many others! I am EXCITED to be taking my first trip to I.KE.A. I have been drooling over the catalog for months and now I really get to go! It is about 2 hours away from us so we have to make a day of it and only go when we have money because I don’t want to travel 2 hours just to browse:)

Well… I think that I have gone on long enough! Just wanted to share some good news!!

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