20 reasons why I love Michael

1) He is a loving, kind, caring husband and daddy!

2) He let’s me sleep in on Saturday mornings (atleast until Lani is ready to eat!)

3) He drives everywhere we go together because I hate to drive, especially in big cities and places I have never been.

4) He works soooo hard so that I can stay home with Wesley and Lani and I NEVER hear him complain about it!

5) He lays with Wesley every night in bed and they talk about all kinds of things! Not because he has to but because he wants to!

6) He will take care of me when I am whiny and sick!

7) He gets teary when Wesley or Lani say or do something cute! (Don’t tell him I told you this)

8:: He LOVES his Mom, Dad, Sister, her kiddos and all of his extended family!

9) He makes me a cup of hot tea at night

10) He would do ANYTHING to help a friend!

11) He comes running to get rid of spiders when I find them in the house!

12) He has an adventurous soul and is passionate about music!

13) He wrote me a song on his guitar when we were first together

14) He loves to spend time with us on all kinds of adventures!

15) He went to a scrapbook convention with me because all of my girl friends were busy:)

16) He does MORE than his fair share of housework.

17) He always “surprises” me with a White Chocolate Lind.or bar when he goes to B0rders.

18) He does ALL the yard work because he knows that I HATE it.

19) He always tells me that what ever I cook is the best he’s ever had! Whether it’s true or not :)

20) He always put me and the kiddos first and never hangs up the phone or leaves the house without telling me that he LOVES me!

This is our 10th Valentine’s together as a couple and our 7th as a married couple! We are still “in love” with each other and not just going through the motions in our marriage and life! He is my very best friend and I am so blessed to have him for a husband!

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