Lani is 5 months old!

Lani turned 5 months old today. We spent the day Christmas shopping and took these photos almost right at the time that she was born. She has grown so much in the past month. She has begun to interact with the things and people around her. When we put our face down close to hers she will grab at us. She especially loves to get Michael’s goatee. In these photos she discovered that she has feet. She was watching them wiggle. Her favorite game is peek-a-boo which makes her giggle like crazy. It seems that she is also developing stranger anxiety. Someone will talk to her in a restaurant or store and she will get a pouty face and then start crying. I did notice that people with glasses bring on more fear.

Lani is still sleeping well at night. There are some nights that she will wake up around 2am for a quick feeding and then she goes right back to sleep. Something that is helping her sleep better during the day is her pacifier. She now takes her “buppy” instead of her Mommy when she needs to be comforted. (Buppy=pacifier::This is what Leah called her pacifier as a baby and it has stuck with the family since then)As a nursing Mom it is very easy to feed the baby to console them. This led to Lani constantly wanting to nurse and needing to nurse to fall asleep. I was beginning to go nuts with this because it was about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours that I was doing this. Now she will use the buppy for comfort and goes longer between feedings. It is a relief to no longer be a “human pacifier”.

We will be going to the doctor on December 11th so I will have the latest numbers on her height and weight then!

Soon we will be getting out the Christmas decorations and cutting down a tree. We are still trying to figure out where we are going to put this tree in our already crowded living room. We are going to have to find a place to temporarily keep all the baby equipment. We are excited to introduce Lani to our holiday traditions and create some new ones.

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