Sore throats, coughing, and sleepless nights!

Over the past few days all of us have been suffering from one or more of the above ailments. Poor Michael has had them all as one causes the other! Wesley has been coughing a lot and I have had the sore throat! Well, we have been drinking lots of water and doing whatever we can to get better! I have especially been trying to stay healthy so that I do not have to take any meds that could do anything to Lani through my breast milk. I am sure that it would be minimal but why take the chance? She has managed to stay healthy through all of this, thank goodness! I guess it’s true what they say about nursed babies! She is a healthy one. We all are feeling better now so maybe I can have the Hubby back in my bed tonight?!? He’s been camping out on the couch so that his coughing does not disturb our light sleeping babe!

On Thursday, Wesley has his first school “Holiday” concert! It is at the new high school in Alton! It should be interesting to see how he reacts to being in front of that many people! This brings me back to his toddler room graduation into the preschool room at a center that I worked at. He walked out onto the stage with his finger in his mouth looking down at the ground. He suddenly realized that there were more people than just his Mommy and Daddy watching him get ready to sing “Mr. Alligator”. His bottom lip started to quiver and I went up onto the stage with him before the tears started rolling. I helped him finish the song and get his little certificate. He has obviously grown a lot since then but he still has bouts of anxiety and I hope it does not decide to bubble up to the surface this Thursday. He has been practicing his 3 songs daily:: LET IT SNOW, FROSTY, and a turkey song that I have never heard of!

The new little boy that I am going to be watching is coming to hang out with me for a few hours tomorrow. He is almost 3 months and according to his mom “is not easily pleased”. Hmm… should be interesting. At least she was honest with me so that I am not expecting this sweet perfect baby and all I get is a fussy, cranky one! I’ll be sure to post a photo of him because he is so cute! Maybe that will make his unhappiness forgivable?!? I hope his Mom is doing well tonight knowing that she is going to leave her little baby for the first time! She has been over a few times to visit with him so that it will hopefully be a little easier for her!

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