*update*:I spoke to the OT yesterday afternoon and basically she told me there is no reason to worry about his hands or the fact that he can not tie his shoes! She also spoke to Mrs. T and will be sure that he is helped. With that said I sat Wesley down when he came home from school and he practiced tieing! Well….. now he can tie! What the heck? It only took like 3 times! I think that maybe he realized that he needed to learn so he tried so hard to not get frustrated! I could tell it was coming a few times but he did great! He still does it a little too loose but they are tied:)

He was so proud of himself and could not wait until he got to school so that he could show Mrs.T!

Thanks so much to everyone for listening to me rant about this and showing me so much support! I truly appreciate it:0)

Wesley is almost 7 and still can’t tie his shoes. I will get back to this in a minute!
So, on Friday, Michael and I pick Wesley up from school so that we could go grocery shopping. He was running late so he did not have time to put his snow boots back on so he had his sneakers on. They were untied, the laces were all muddy, and I was irritated!
Me: How come Mrs. T didn’t tie your shoes?
Wes: She wont
Me: What? How come?
Wes: Because she said that I should be able to tie my shoes and she wont do it for me anymore.
Me: SO, you go all day with your shoes untied?
Wes: Yep!
Me: (GRRR)
Okay, so I realize that there are 16 other kids in his class and Mrs. T is busy but come on… tie his damn shoes! Why let a 7 year old boy walk around school all day with his shoes untied?
It does drive us crazy that he can’t tie yet! He reads at a 2nd grade level, can figure math problems in his head before me, and can play songs on a keyboard, but he can’t tie! Here’s the problem. Ever since Wesley was a baby both of his hands wanted to do the same thing. When he itches a bug bite, the other hand makes the itching motion. When he colors, the other hand makes the same motion. It never has been a problem until now! When he tries to tie shoes both hands want to do the same thing, which makes it impossible to tie. I have done so much research on this, tried many techniques, and none seem to work. He just gets mad, I get frustrated, and he ends up crying. Now I have a call into the Occupational Therapist at his school to see what she has to say.
I also am thinking about what I want to say to his teacher about not tying his shoes! Am I wrong for being frustrated with her?

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