Lani is 9 months old!

Another month has gone by with our beautiful Lani! She has been doing SO MUCH!!! It makes me both sad and happy to watch my baby turn into such a big girl! Every time she surprises us with something new I get all teary eyed!
She has so many words. She says “duh duh” (bye bye) while waving, “ah duh” (all done) while doing the sign, “yay” while clapping, “mama”, “dada”, “dat” (that), and other blabberings that I have not deciphered yet:) She also has started growling at us! She waits for us to laugh then does it some more! Such a ham!

Lani still is not rolling over or crawling. She just kind of twists and scoots around on her bum to get around. She also loves to be walked around while holding onto the hands. When Lani sits on us she will search for our hands, grab them, and pull her self up! There have been times when I had to hide my hands so I could rest my back:) She has been pulling up on the couch, and the stool my laptop is on. She only gets to her knees though.

Her eating is about the same! She has 3 meals a day along with nursing. She loves Cheeri0s but still wont put them in her own mouth! Not sure what is up with that! She has tried macaroni, puffs (doesn’t like them), toast, biter biscuits (dislikes), and pizza crust (loves)! She prefers the bland over the sweet. She also mastered her sippy cup this month! Before she would just chew on the spout! Now she is sucking! HOORAY!! Wesley wouldn’t drink from a sippy until he was over 1! This is such a relief!
She goes to sleep great at night but still gets up once to eat! I have been trying to wean her from this but it has been really hard for me! Although it is tiring I know that she really needs this because she EATS! I thought maybe she was just looking for comfort but she latches right on and doesn’t even fall back to sleep until I put her back in the crib! It may come back to bite me in the butt because I am sure that it is turning into a habit! I just have an incredibly hard time letting her cry in the crib, knowing that she is hungry:( I can hear the tsk-tsking now! Hush:)

Some of Lani’s favorites are: looking at books, “walking”, clapping, me, giving us “love slaps”, “sharing” anything that she is gnawing on, cameras, and playing “rolly ball”.

Some things that Lani dislikes are: strangers, people wearing hats, being on her tummy, sleeping in, cuddling, loud noises, crying babies, dogs, and green vegetables.

We are so in love with Lani and enjoy soaking in her love, attention, and sweetness each day! She has only been with us for 9 short months but it is as if she has been here with us our whole lives! It is so hard to imagine that there once was no Lani! All right, I better go before the tears start rolling!

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