I joined Weight W@tchers!

I am sick of feeling bad about myself, eating for comfort, being out of breath during simple tasks and never finding clothes that fit. It is time that I do something about it and stick to it. It also is important to me that I teach Wesley and Lani healthy habits!

My grandfather has Diabetes and has every possible symptom that comes with that horrible disease! I never thought much about it getting passed on until I went to see a fertility doctor when Wesley was 4! Michael and I started trying for another baby when Wesley was almost 3 and we were not successful after several months! I was not having my period so I went to a fertility doctor who ran a bunch of tests and I found out that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome and I was “pre-diabetic”! This is basically a way of saying you better lose weight or you will no doubt get diabetes! I was put on meds to help regulate my sugar, I lost about 10 pounds without even trying. My sugar levels are a little better now but I still need to lose weight. Obviously all the meds that I was on helped because now we have our beautiful Lani!

After thinking about this for months and trying to lose weight on my own I decided to join! I went to their website to look for meetings near me but decided to join on line. I did this because the thought of going somewhere to publicly weigh myself in front or in the vicinity of complete strangers is not appealing to me! (It’s also cheaper) My own husband doesn’t even know how much I weigh! He does his duty and guesses nice and low:)

So, today was my second day and I have been staying well within my points (I get 10 extra because I am still nursing Lani)! I thought that I was going to be feeling so hungry but I haven’t felt hungry at all! It has shown me that I have been eating enough to feed me, you, and my next door neighbor! The biggest challenge is getting in my servings of fruits and vegetables. It will be better after our next shopping trip when I can buy some fresh fruit and vegetables! I have been trying to think of some easy snack and recipe ideas that wont break the bank! If anyone has any that they love feel free to share! You can e-mail me or leave a comment!

I am lucky that Michael is a very health conscious person and will support and hold me accountable! I wont have to worry about cookies and other goodies tempting me when I open the cabinets because he can live without them! I will but Wesley treats that I don’t like so there will be temptation there either!

I was not sure if I wanted to write this post because my weight has been a personal challenge for me since Wesley was born 6 years ago! I weighed 130 and was a size 9/10 pre Wesley! Now I am NOT!! Hee Hee! Sorry but I will post weight loss but I still can’t bring myself to post my actual weight! Maybe I will when I am 130 again and you can go back and figure it out if it means that much to you:)

If you made it to the end of this post I thank you for supporting me on my weight loss venture!

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