Strange Dreams

I had the strangest dream last night! I actually woke up a little freaked and that doesn’t happen to me very often.

It started off with me, my kids, my sil, and her kids in Tar.get . We were trying to juggle all the kids while getting a cart. Soon, B0r.a.t came up to us and was saying rude things to us. I don’t exactly remember what but I remember feeling annoyed.

Then, all of a sudden, the story changes and I was in the car with Michael and the kids. Lisa was in her car behind us and we parked on the side of the road in downtown C0n.cord. We were getting the kids out of the car to eat at some outdoor picnic tables! (Never seen those in downtown) The picnic tables were full of other families. As I was getting Lani out of her carseat a bunch of men with guns came out and told us all to stop and give them our bags, wallets, etc. There was a man outside my car waiting for my bag so I leaned into my car to get it, but I snuck out my digital camera and hid it under the seat. I also snuck out my debit card and hid that also. I handed him the bag, took Lani out and watched as the men set each bag in line around the tables while they gently went through them and took out whatever they were looking for. Soon, they walked away and people went back to get their stuff which was left neatly at the tables. Some how another man took pictures and developed them while we were being held:) So, he was frantically going through them for the perfect one to give to the police! Yea, because that’s important! I went over to get my bag and all of a sudden we heard this over a loud speaker: “You all should be thinking of running because the building will explode in 2 minutes”. So, I panic, drag Wesley away from his bowl of pasta that she somehow whipped up during all of this, and went to Michael who had Lani. He handed me Lani, my purse, the diaper bag, and then we ran away together to find our car but it was nowhere to be found. I find it funny that I was carrying EVERYTHING while Michael had NOTHING! During our search I woke up because Lani was stirring!

I have been having very vivid dreams but I never remember them in such detail! I woke up freaked out even though the dream wasn’t too scary. It must have been the anxiety that I was feeling while searching for my car! I also started to think that I should call my bank! Crazy!

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