Wesley is in First Grade and although he likes to be silly and is always the one to get in trouble for laughing at the class clown, he is doing extremely well in his lessons! I think that he is already better at Math than I am:)

He came home last week saying that he was going to be playing a spelling game with another 1st grade class and that there was only 3 kids picked from each class. He was SOOOOO excited about this so I decided to e-mail his teacher to get the scoop! She wrote that in first grade they have a “low-key” spelling bee to prepare the kids for the big one that they can participate in next year. He was chosen as one of the top spellers in his class and will be spelling away this afternoon! I wish I could be there to watch but they don’t invite the parents for this one! His teacher said she will e-mail me with an update this afternoon since it is hard to get the full story from Wesley. I always get “I don’t benember.” No, that’s not a misspelling! That is how he still says it:) I love that he still mispronounces a few words! I guess as long as he is not doing it when he goes off the high school :) He still says “aminals”, “mazagine”, “lellow” and a few more that I can’t think of right now!!

Well, this post became a little random but I am so proud of Wesley’s achievement and hope this is a sign of how the rest of his school years will be!!

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