Lani is 8 months old!

Here is Lani’s 8 month pictures! I have some new readers so just wanted to let them know that I take pictures of Lani on each of her “month” birthdays with this little teddy that her Great Grandparents gave her when she was born!

Is Lani really 8 months old? She once again has changed so much since my 7 month update! She has such an awesome personality! She is moving right along developmentally! Lani still is not moving around much but our Dr. is not concerned about that! We all have been trying to not give her a toy as soon as she whines for it so that she can start attempting to get them on her own! This has works because she is getting them and not having a fit because we are not! Not so many face plants either:) I have been giving her lots of tummy time but she HATES it! Lani also will use our hands to pull herself up! That is one of her favorite positions! She loves to stand up and hold our hands! She is making a lot of sounds but mostly she says “dadadada” and blows raspberries!

Our daily routine has stayed the same except that most days she is napping better! Some of her 2nd naps are almost 3 hours! HOORAY!! I have been loving that time to myself! She goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00pm then gets up around 4:30am to eat and goes back down until 6:30 or so! She is still nursing, although she is easily distracted! She also is eating solids 2 times a day!

She hasn’t been interested in that lunch time feeding so I just nurse her more until dinner! I have introduced a few finger foods, but just like Wesley, she has some issues with textures! It will take some time for her to get used to puffs, toast, etc. Although when we went to Pizza hut, she was sucking on the crust! We were very surprised! I have been doing some basic sign language with her. She really understands “eat”! When I do the sign and ask if she wants to eat she starts to fuss and buries her face in my chest!

Lani also has done a complete 180 with her large group fears and stranger anxiety! I began to notice the change at my friends superbowl party! There was a lot of people there and little toddlers getting right in her face! She didn’t mind at all! Now we can go places and have friends over without her crying everytime anyone comes near her or looks at her! This is such a welcome change! It is good to see our friends again!

She is interacting more with us! She loves to play peek-a-boo with a blanket or when we hide from her and then say boo! She giggles like crazy when Wesley does it! Michael and I usually get a smile and arm flapping:) Just within the past few days she will copy noises that we make! She could do that all day! She recognizes Daddy’s voice on the phone! Our little darling is starting out with quite the attitude at such a young age! When she doesn’t want a toy she tosses it or swats it right out of our hands! If someone gets in her face she will push them away and give a little groan!

Right now she is loving; Baby Einstein, bananas, squeaky toys, Aunty Lisa, her toes, playing with paper, peek-a-boo, car rides, and her exersaucer!

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