The car is alive edited!!!

Edited:: As of about 5:00pm my piece of crap lovely car kicked the bucket once again! Lisa and I were on the way back from a lovely swimming trip with our kiddos! (She was in another car infront of me) All of a sudden my radio went silent. I called her to check if hers was working anf it was. As I hung up with her my air bag light came on, the clock went out, my RPM’s went to zero! What the hell heck (excuse my language) is going on?!?!? I turned off everything that didn’t need to be on, like the lights and heat! I was only a few miles from Michael’s parents and we barely made it! I had to go a little too fast to make it through a few stop lights and I had to go about 30 to make it up her road! I started to stall while I turned off of the main highway! Oh, and my SIL got behind me incase I broke down and also because I couldn’t use my signals! I would have stalled! I made it to Mom and Dad’s and once again our insurance paid to have it towed BACK to the dealers! They gave Michael a little bit of an attitude when he called but too damn bad! If they did this supposed $80 dollar diagnostic test then the problem should have been solved! Also, we are expecting a NASTY storm here tomorrow which should be fun! Thank goodness that Michael had the day off!! Okay, enough negativity but I had to vent and you all are such good listeners! We did have an awesome day and I am excited to post the pictures! Those will come soon!

The car is back in the driveway finally! It ended up being the alternator. We also had our timing belt replaced! Man, I HATE going to a dealer because they always charge way too much for labor but we had to suck it up this time since the car was dead and it would have been a major hassle to have it towed again!

I went in on Tuesday to pay for it during the day and Michael and I went to get it when he got out of work. When I turned the car on I was excited to turn the radio on, but IT DIDN’T TURN ON!! Neither did the dome light, the reading lights, or the clock! OMG!!! It was after hours so I took the car home and Michael called them as soon as they opened this morning! I was sooo angry because they do a free 100 point inspection and according to their paper, all of those things were in working order! So, I took it back once again and it turned out to be a main fuse or something like that and took a total of 2 minutes for them to fix!

I am just glad to have my car back so that we can get back to our vacation fun :)

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