Lani is 4 months old!

Lani turned 4 months old yesterday. She loved posing with her Teddy. It was a challenge to get her face because she loves to eat anything that is put into her hands. I have been warning Wesley that it is almost time to baby proof the house. I tried to get a smiling one but she is to interested in the camera to keep smiling.

Lani and I have been enjoying our days at home together. Michael and I have been blessed with a beautiful and good tempered baby. Unless there is a large group of people she is smiley and happy. We have a good routine going which helps to keep me organized and sane. I never was a person who needed to have a schedule but now I thrive on it. I love the predictability of my days and nights. She has been sleeping through the night until around 3 or 4. She eats and then will go back to sleep until around 8 or 8:30. I get up with Wesley at 6 so I use this time to get housework done. I would rather do it in the morning so I can relax at night after Lani and Wesley go to sleep.

Lani is growing and staying healthy since her last cold. I make sure that Wesley washes his hands as soon as he gets home from school to cut down on the amount of germs coming into the house. She loves the sound of her voice. She makes a sound that is a cross between a grunt and a screech. She especially loves to do it in the grocery store where it is nice and quiet. SOme of her favorite things are her “lovey”. It is a plush teddy bear head on a blanket that is plush on one side and silky on the other. She likes it right up next to her face while she is sleeping which makes me extremely nervous so she only has it when she is sleeping downstairs where I can see her. At night she has been doing okay with out it so far. She still loves her swing and sitting in her highchair while I am cooking dinner.

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