Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday:) I am so ready for the weekend!! 

Today was well um...long and tiring! This Winter is going to be a rough one. I can already tell....boo!! I know I just have to deal so I will be coming up with some crafts and things I can do to keep my mind off not being at the beach:} Maybe knitting or crocheting again? Hmmm! I know I can always scrapbook, but that's WAY too much crap to have out while my child care kiddos are here. I'm not lucky enough to have my own scrapbook room. At least I have to get out of my pajamas on Tuesday's and Thursdays, lol!! Maybe that's another way to keep my out of my slump. Change out of my PJ pants by 9am each day?!? I like to be comfy so maybe I need some nicer yoga pants or sweats. I'm sure Old Navy will have some good deals soon. 

I also had a great idea for the blog a few months back. A fun way to make myself take photos each day, but not having them revolve around things our family does outside. I really need to concentrate on that. I might even let Wesley join in with the camera my cousin gave him this Summer. He would love it:} 

YAY for putting myself in a good mood before I pass out for the night. I love you blog:) 

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Mrs. Stam December 02, 2010 10:43 PM  

blogging is a great hobby for cold snowing winters, plus no mess or thing the little one can get into or trouble with :-)

But I hear you , winter is not my favorite!

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