My summer vacation is officially over:(

Alex is back today! If you are a new reader, he is a baby (11 months) that I watch during the school year. I haven’t seen him since June, so he was a little weary of being left with me. He is doing well and only screaming when I change his diaper. Before he left I listened to his screaming ALL DAY!! I am trying to get a cute picture of him, but he keeps shutting his eyes! LOL!! He is a busy boy and gets into EVERYTHING!! Lani never touches our entertainment center, or a little phone table in the kitchen. He went for those first thing! There are a few positives here…I was too busy to snack all morning and time FLEW by!

Here’s Alex:)

Lani has decided that it is fun to use a “baba” as she calls it!

Refused it as a baby, but now all the cool kids are doing it:)

I actually had to set my alarm clock today! BLAH!! Once school starts back on Wednesday I will have to get up at 6:00am so I can get a shower before Wesley gets up. As of last week I wouldn’t take a shower until Lani’s afternoon nap! LOL!! I guess this means no more late night blogging for me! Thank goodness that Lani and Alex are on a once a day nap schedule. I already did a little housework, ate lunch, wrote some email, and now I get to post this! I hope this lasts:)
Wesley is ready to head back to school. He has new clothes, sneakers, back pack, and lunch box. We do not have to buy any school supplies yet! (Did I already post this? HA!!) He was grumpy and had a few mental break downs this weekend which I think has to do with the school year starting. We saw some of his friends at our town’s old home day and he was thrilled about that!
Lani is doing well with her allergies. It hasn’t been as hard as we thought! One thing I did notice is the bumpy skin she had around her neck is gone. Nice smooth skin:) So happy to see that!! Lani was always itching back there and I always thought it was the heat. I have gotten so many nice emails of encouragement and food ideas. We are trying them all, but Lani is soooo picky and has refused most:( We will keep it up though!

Our weekend was fairly uneventful. It was really hot here on Saturday so we went to the lake with my SIL and her kiddos. We had dinner and she highlighted my hair! Looks good Lisa!! Thanks!! We also went to our towns old home day for about 15 minutes! It was too hot and there was NOTHING to do! Joys of living in a small town. Sunday we went grocery and wedding clothes shopping for Michael. Hey, I warned you that it was uneventful:) I am not sure what we are doing this weekend for Labor Day. I am sure we will get invited to a cook out somewhere because we are really cool like that:) J/K!!!

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous Monday!

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