Moving things aroung and swim lessons

This weekend our house has been in shambles! Wesley decided that he was ready to move his bedroom from upstairs to downstairs into what used to be the playroom. Which means that Lani now is out.of.our.room and into.her.own:) I thought having her in another room would be hard, but it feels really nice to have our room back! It’s going to take a while before order is restored, but we are getting there. The biggest challenges are finding a place for all the playroom junk toys and all the junk stuff that was thrown into that closet. The kid’s bedrooms are fairly small so until we get some shelving, things will be a little crazy. It’s been really hot here so I honestly haven’t made much of an effort to organize.

Lani did okay in her room last night. She went to bed great, (I still nurse her to sleep. shh…I don’t want to hear it) but woke around 1:30am. I nursed her again since it was her first night away from us (i know…i’m a sap). She didn’t fall back to sleep, so I just laid her back in the crib. She was not too happy about that, but she didn’t cry too hard. She fussed until about 3:00 am and fell back asleep. I was really surprised about this, but VERY happy! The important thing is that she fell asleep laying down. At nap she will fall asleep leaning on the rail. I really hope that she does well agian tonight.

Wesley had been sleeping downstairs since Ashleigh and Joe left. He was missing them, so he wanted to sleep on the air mattress that they were using. He has always been so nervous about being downstairs by himself, so Michael and I were shocked. Wesley camped out for about 5 nights than he decided that he wanted to make it permanent. So, that’s what we did this weekend. It was too hot to do much else!!

Here is Wesley and Leah sleeping in the room that Ashleigh and Joe were staying in. It is now full of toys that we took out of the playroom so that Wesley could move in. I will try to post some more photos of the other rooms as I finish ‘putting them together’!

Wesley started his swim lessons last week and has already improved 110%!! Well worth my $12 that I paid. The association that I live in has 2 pools, so the one of the lifeguards does the lessons. It has been hard taking photos because I have to chase Lani around. Here is a few I snapped on Friday when Michael was there to take over “Lani-duty”!! Wesley is the cute blonde in the shark goggles:) I hope to get a video soon.

Katie is having them dive down to get golf balls

The kids are learning how to push off from the wall

Wesley was so excited to jump into ‘8 ft’!! Now that’s all he wants to do:)

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