Weekend Recap

This post wont be as picture heavy as last time:) Although, I know that you enjoy seeing pictures of my beautiful kiddos!!

These are pictures of Lani and Alex (the 8 month old that I watch) after a walk in the wagon. They LOVED it and since I don’t have a double stroller, this works great for short walks!! Lani did try to climb out a few times! LOL! As you can see Alex is a bit of a lump. He really has no personality and rarely smiles (unless you are Michael). He cries ALOT, but not as much as when he first started back in December. His last day is the 15th because his Mom works for the school system. He will be back at the end of August.

On Saturday, we headed out to run some errands. Wesley’s “grizzly” bear that he made at Bui*ld a Be*ar ripped in the back, so we had to bring him in for some emergency surgery:) He is recovering just fine!!

Later, we went to my nieces softball game and melted in the HOT, HOT sun! It was fun though because she had some great hits! I don’t even know who won! Towards the end you could tell that all the girls were getting overheated. The effort just wasn’t there. I didn’t even get any pictures. Shame on me!

That night we went to a party across the street. It was a reception for their daughter who had gotten married in the Bahamas! It was tropical themed and a lot of fun. There was YUMMY food, that even Lani ate!! Wesley loved the scallops wrapped in bacon and that was all he ate for dinner. Along with a few grapes. Lani was a gem and sucked up all the attention that people were giving her. It started pouring rain later in the evening! Wesley and his buddy Ryan were drinking the rain off the tent! Nice! We stayed until about 10pm then headed home. The youngens were breaking out the drinking games so I took that as our cue to head home. It was sooo nice just walking across the road to get home!

Sunday was fairly low key. We did a little shopping, headed to Lisa’s so that Josh could install Michael’s car stereo. We ended up staying for dinner and some music! Lani loves when Josh plays his stand up bass. She was dancing and clapping her hands! It was too cute. I love spending time at Lisa with the kiddos! She always feeds us good food, puts up with Wesley, caters to Lani, and is just fun to be around! It is so nice to have family like this!

A fairly relaxing weekend that was a lot of fun!

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