Summer days, Interesting conversations, and check ups

I was really worried how this Summer was going to be with Wesley out of school and home ALL DAY, EVERY DAY with me! He needs a schedule, constant stimulation, and order!! So far there has been none of that here, but he has been awesome to be around. We are having a blast together! YAY!! I realize that he has only been out of school for 8 days, but I think things are going to be just fine.
We spent yesterday at our association pool and he is getting so brave in the water. I decided to sign him up for swim lessons so that he can begin to learn more then the doggy paddle. We live near two lakes and two pools so he needs to become a good swimmer. I never was officially taught how to swim, I am nervous in the water, and I still plug my nose when I jump in:) Don’t laugh!!! LOL!!! Maybe these lessons will help Wesley to feel more secure!
Today we took Lani to her one year check up. On the way I called my insurance company to see if our plan covered the big “V”!! Yes, Michael is going to have his boys snipped! Anyway, after I got off the phone, Wesley asks what a “V” is. So, I tell him it is a simple procedure that Daddy will get so that we don’t have any more babies. He then asked “how?”. I sat in silence for a minute thinking how I can explain this one without digging a deeper hole. While my brain is working Wesley chimes in with this: “Oh, I know! You have red blood and Daddy’s is blue and when they mix a baby is made. That is so cool.” I just said “oh!”. Maybe I should have corrected him, but I just couldn’t because I knew where the conversation would go and I was not ready to explain the birds and the bees to my 7 year old son! HA!!!
During the ride home from the check up, Ryan, the 5 year old that I watch says “Wendy, I know that they cut bellies in half to get babies out”. Wesley then says, “Yeah! I came out my Mommy’s belly, but some babies come out that hairy thing!” Giggles ensue, my jaw drops, and turn the radio up!
Oh, the joys of boys!!
Now, onto Lani’s check up! Most have gone by with no problems or concerns so I have not really posted about them. This time was different though because the doctor is concerned about Lani’s weight. She weighs 17 lbs. 11 oz, which is 3 oz. less than she weighed at 9 months! *sigh* I knew that she was a thinner baby, but I really didn’t think she was in the 5th percentile!! I instantly got a pit in my stomach and tears welled up because her eating has been such a challenge for Michael and I for the past couple months! She is so darn picky!

We talked about her food in-take for a normal day and came up with a few reasons and solutions! She thinks that Lani’s nursing during the day is filling her up too much, so she isn’t eating enough table food. Right now she should be nursing to quench thirst, not as a meal. So, I have to always feed her a healthy meal or snack before she nurses to make sure that she is gaining weight at an appropriate rate! I know that she uses me as a comfort item so it has been challenging to nurse only a few times a day, but now I see how important it is to cut down slightly! Right now we are going to aim for afternoon and night time feedings. She still wakes up at night to nurse which is the biggest challenge because I just want to go back to sleep so I feed her. Now, Michael has to get up with her and put her back to sleep if it is before 4am. After that, I can feed her, but I will be slowly shortening the length of those feedings and just deal with it if she doesn’t go back to sleep! Sounds fun, huh?? How much does your one year old weigh? Any nursing Mom’s out there have this problem??

We also are pretty sure that Lani has an allergy to Yellow food dye #5, which is found in Kraft mac n’ cheese! I gave it to her a few weeks ago and she had a HORRIBLE allergic reaction to it. There were hives all over her face, eyes were blood shot and swollen, she was wheezing, and her nose was running! SO SCARY!! I gave her bena.dryl, which worked in like 5 minutes! She has had all the other ingredients before so the doctor thought it was the food dye! I guess this allergy is becoming more prevalent in young children! I then tested this theory by letting her have a few licks off an ice pop that had the dye in it and she did break out in hives and got a runny nose! That pretty much convinced me!! You would not believe how many products out there have the food dye in it! A LOT!! Even some children’s medicine and antibiotics! We have to be super careful now! We carry ben.adryl with us at all times and if it gets worse she may need something more like an epi pen! YIKES!! I hope it doesn’t come to that and she grows out
of it!!

Wow, a post without pictures! I haven’t had one of those in a while!!! Would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, advice on any of the medical problems!!!

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