Here I am ! This is going to be a long one!

Wooh! Things have not been this crazy for me in a while! I put down the scrapbook for a while tonight so that I can catch up with everyone! We didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. Michael worked for a few hours with his aunt to make some extra money, we ran errands, and then on Sunday Michael helped his Dad put a fence around his garden. Lani had a blast crawling through their nice soft grass. Ours is really dry and prickly so she wont touch it:(

Monday was a big day for Michael and I! Although today is our official anniversary (8 YEARS!!) Michael’s sister came over to watch Lani for us while we headed to the coast. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time! We went to Ogun*quit, Mai*ne. We went on a long walk along the ocean, ate sandwiches at a tiny deli, people watched, had an ice cream treat, and just enjoyed being together! We did miss Wesley and Lani, but it was refreshing to be out without them! I was a little nervous to leave Lani because I am still nursing her and she wont take a bottle or milk in a cup. Of course she did fine for Lisa!!! (YAY, now we can do this more often!) Lisa even had to go pick Wesley up at school because he bumped his tooth pretty hard at school and the nurse was concerned because it was his permanent tooth! Lisa gave him some Tylenol and he was good to go! Thank goodness the tooth is fine. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it meant to us!!

This picture was taken by a sweet old man that we passed on Mar*ginal Way (the path that goes along the coast). We climbed up on the cliff to enjoy the view and he really wanted to take our picture. How could we say no? He didn’t know how to zoom so we were pretty small, but I cropped us a little closer.
This week we are spending a lot of time to get ready for Lani’s birthday party. Michael is on ‘vacation’ this week because he is on call everynight from 6pm-6am. So, he get’s to be home all day and still be paid for 40 hours! He has been on call since Friday night and is out on his first call tonight!! I am not sure if I even mentioned what Michael does for work. He delivers propane for a gas company out of Canada. Michael has been doing a lot of yard work and occupying Lani so that I can work on her scrapbook. I was trying to finish it all and I became slightly overwhelmed. Now I am just going to make pages of her monthly pictures that I take with the teddy bear for now. If I have time, I will fill in the blanks. I have the hospital, coming home, and up to month 3 finished. I will be sure to post them when I have them all completed. Some I love and a few I would like to revamp a little. I plan on taking a trip to a few scrapbook stores and buy a few embellishments.
Remeber this post where I mentioned that Alex only smiles at Michael. Well, here is proof!! I snapped this photo while Michael was talking to him:)
Lani is walking! Well, not officially! She has been taking about 8+ steps between two people and cruising right along with her push toys. She will let go of the couch, or us to dance or clap. I may be crazy, but I really can’t wait until she starts walking!! __________________________________________________________________
We had some big thunderstorms blow through our town last week. I was without internet and phone for a few days because of this tiny little tree that was struck by lightning. I live on a small dead end road and this tree was hit right at the end. The pictures are not as impressive as Lisa’s (scroll down the page to see her tree, it wont let me link), but it is still pretty cool to see how the lightning destroyed the poor little tree! I am just glad that no one was walking by or that the hotty phone technician wasn’t hurt:) LOL!!! Don’t worry Michael knows about my hotty phone guy crush!! HEE!!

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